SMSampleLabel800x800Take your Savvy Minerals samples to the next level with these high-quality sample labels. Here are 1-inch diameter labels to place on top of your Savvy Mineral sample containers. These will fit the 3 ml and the 5 ml cosmetic containers. We offer you two choices, one set with a black background to match the Savvy Mineral containers and one set with a white background for less ink. You can also have the set with the black background printed at your favorite printing outlet, take them full sheet label paper, and then use a 1-inch diameter round punch to punch out the label. You may also have them print it on the actual 1-inch round label sheets. Use blank labels to write what the sample is and place on bottom of cosmetic container or include one of our 4×6 sheets of the product and shade. Links for all the supplies are found below!

Label Sheets

Be sure your printer’s scale is set to 100% — the labels do state “Young Living Independent Member” on them to meet compliance — please do not alter the labels.

Avery6450_SampleLabelsClick/Touch >> HERE << to download the sheet with a solid black background

Avery6450_SampleLabels_WhiteBackgroundClick/Touch >> HERE << to download the sheet with a white background

Sample Containers

3 ml tiny cosmetic containers, clear lids

3 ml tiny cosmetic containers, black lids

5 ml tiny cosmetic containers, black lids

Label Printer Sheets

Avery 6450, 1-inch diameter, round, white, removable:

Generic, 100 sheets, 6,300 labels, white:

Full label sheet, white:

Other Supplies

1-inch round diameter hole punch:

Link to our 4×6 card designs:

Link to other cosmetic class supplies:




Small 2-inch wide x 4-inch length baggies for placing disposable lip applicators and disposable blush brushes in: