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Beautiful hand-crafted aroma therapy jewelry. Currently, Living Stones Designs offers diffuser necklaces but other types of jewelry will become available in the following months. Living Stones Designs specializes in Paleo-Hebrew and Ancient-Hebrew pendants, see the link below for more about the history behind Paleo-Hebrew inscription.

Living Stones Designs uses only top-shelf quality products. The clay is sourced in the United States and is an AP-Non-Toxic clay. The laces are a United States sourced, genuine deer leather, free of toxic chemicals and dyes. There is also pendants available with a burlap “chain” for those that want to veer away from animal sourced products. Once special order dates open up you can select your choice of deer leather and/or burlap colors. You can read more about the clay and laces at the links below.

Living Stones Designs | Clay | Laces | Paleo-Hebrew

The Aroma Therapy Necklaces

Each aroma therapy necklace is hand-crafted. This makes each one unique, which means there is only one of each item number available. For example, you may not request  5 necklaces of LS101. However, during the special order session dates you could request 5 necklaces that are similar to LS101, those five would appear to look like LS101 but each of them would have slight variations in the design since they are done by hand and not by machine. Also, the texture of the clay can vary slightly. This is why each pendant is special and unique. No two pendants will ever be identical in every aspect.

All necklaces are $12.50 each plus shipping and handling (see below special bonus rate and for shipping prices). Pendants arrive beautifully packaged (see last two photos below as an example).

All pendants arrive with a 36-inch chain that has a hand-knotted closure, making it easy to cut to the length that fits you best or you can leave as-is. If you would like a longer length chain, please e-mail us by clicking/touching here.

Bonus: You can save $2.50 per necklace for an order of 6 or more necklaces. Must be ordered at the same time (not cumulative).


Shipping and handling runs as follows:

1-5 aroma-therapy necklaces is $3.50

6-10 aroma-therapy necklaces is $6.50

Please contact us for 11 or more aroma-therapy necklaces so we can determine a bulk rate package deal.

1-5 necklaces are shipped in a padded envelope sent via USPS first rate with tracking number provided.

6-10 necklaces are shipped wrapped in bubble wrap and mailed in a USPS flat-rate priority envelope with tracking number provided.

Bulk orders are shipped determined on location and size of order. Specifics would be sent before purchase.


Living Stones Designs invoices via PayPal. When the order form below is sent, we will send you an invoice with the total cost. Pendants are shipped out in 1-2 business days from the date the invoice is paid and payment has cleared (credit card and PayPal balance payments via PayPal are immediate, e-checks via PayPal can take 10-14 days to clear).

Please be sure to take note of the item number, listed above (example: LS105), as you will need to enter this into the form below.

Special Orders

We can write many different words in Paleo-Hebrew and are happy to take special orders. Special orders can be placed from January 5th – October 15th. We will have a special form for you to fill out during the “Special Order” season.