We would love to come out and provide instruction for any of the following workshops/events:

Speed Oiling – Speed Oiling is a high-energy, fast-paced, and totally fun way to learn about essential oils and various topics surrounding essential oils. The time promises to bring lots of excitement for you and your guests! Prizes, sharing, socializing, education, and so much more. Please allow a minimum of two weeks notice before scheduling your speed oiling event as it take a bit more time to prepare for than other workshops. However, it is definitely worth the wait! This is definitely one of most requested events/workshops.

Heart Centered Sharing – Heart Centered Sharing workshop provides a wealth of information surrounding essential oils by encouraging a relaxed family style of sharing. The class was developed so that it is best held in a relaxed and casual atmosphere created with everyone attending sitting around the same table. This workshop is wonderful for smaller groups.

Canine Essentials – This is an exclusive workshop developed by The Oil Posse team, which we hope will assist you toward understanding when, where, and how essential oils will support your furry friends. The workshop is geared with a focus on essential oils that are best used with canines but we will touch on horses and other pets as well.

Please Note: Information and materials specific to your workshop are provided at no cost or obligation to the host. We give freely of our time to provide this instrumental information to you and your guests and hope you enjoy the workshop as much as we enjoy sharing it with all of you.

23 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. Denise Roof

    Could you give me some information on your animal workshop. Im in Michigan as nd hsve been doing young living essential oils for 14 years and now would like to do it for a business also. Thanks

      1. Pam Paxton

        Hi; I tried to review your PowerPoint for EOS for pets presentation and it seems to have been removed. Any chance you still have a copy or are you possibly updating the information? I’m new to YLEO’s and would really like to see how they can support my pet. Thank you. I’ve really enjoyed your site!

      2. LavenderLobby Post author

        Thanks for writing. We are currently updating and giving this presentation a “new look.” We should have it posted again soon but are working on a “recipe book,” at this time. Once the recipe book is finished, we will finish up the pet presentation. Thanks for following the Lavender Lobby!

  2. Natalya York

    Could you please give me some of the information on your Oils of the Bible workshop .I think it would help the churches start to pay close attention and incorporate the essential oils. Thanks.

    1. lavenderlobby Post author

      We at Lavender Lobby freely share a wealth of resources and marketing material. However, there are certain areas that we reserve for our own personal use. The workshops are offered locally for our potential members and for those members in our downline. Please feel free to use any of the many other resources and materials we offer at no charge. Thanks so much for taking the time to write.

  3. Janet

    Is Speed Oiling one of the workshops that you have on line or reserved for your team? Do you have scripts for each oil?

    1. LavenderLobby Post author

      We are happy to share tons and tons of marketing material (found on our blog) but our tailored workshop material is reserved for the Lavender Lobby team. Be sure to check with your Gold or Diamond team members as they will probably have their own material for Speed Oiling.

      Lavender Lobby Team

      1. EssentiallyAwakened Post author

        No, sorry, not yet. The compliance issues with humans are the same for animals, which is slowing progress a bit. We will make an announcement once this available.

        Thanks for asking

    1. The Oil Posse Post author

      No, sorry, it is a little harder to develop because compliance guidelines pertain to pets, as well as humans. We hope to have one sometime this coming new year. In the meantime, there is one available through RCD Shannon Hudson’s website and it is free to use. Hope that helps.


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