Love It, Share It: Gratitude

Bloom Love It, Share It Marketing Material 173

Gratitude EO card has been added to the Love It, Share It Blends card page.
Click/touch here to find the card in alphabetical order on the Love It, Share It blends page.



Cobalt Blue Roller Bottles:

Avery 5660 Clear Labels:

Click/Touch here to download the In Control Labels, White Font for Clear Labels, PDF full sheet file

Note: your printer scale must be set to 100%, most printer’s default setting is “fit to page” and this will not work with these labels, you have to uncheck “fit to page” and ensure your scale is set to 100%. If you do not know how to do this, use a search engine of choice and type in “XXXX how to set printer scale” (where XXXX will be your name/model printer, example “Epson XP-434 how to set printer scale”).

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