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A Love It, Share It KidScents Tender Tush card has been added to the My Oily Kids page.
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Diaper Time

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Mama Koala One Size Baby Washable Reusable Pocket Cloth Diapers, 6 Pack with 6 One Size Microfiber Inserts. Various colors and styles to select from! 

Naturally Natures Cloth Diaper Inserts 5 Layer – insert – Charcoal Bamboo Reusable Liners with Gussets (Pack of 12)

ALVABABY 2pcs Travel Wet and Dry Cloth Diapers Wet Bags Waterproof Reusable with Two Zippered Pockets


  1. I was told not recommend oils for a little premie that is now a month old.

    Sent from the Yahoo Mail app. Get yours!

    1. Hi Sharon,

      Thanks for writing. Here’s the thing… every, single, item on this Earth becomes the topic of controversy. Our best advice to you, or anyone, is to not take what one person says as “golden” and be your own best advocate… research and thoroughly look into it. If you still decide it is not best for you or your family, then don’t do it. What is okay for one may not be for another.

      For instance, apples, you can find one expert that says eat them in the morning, another that says to eat them in the afternoon, another says don’t eat them at all due to their natural sugars, another says only eat green apples.

      and how about breastfeeding or when to give baby solids… everything is controversial…

      Do you get the point… what we do here is we share the words that come from Young Living about their products. We put this into materials that can be shared with others. Some you’ll agree with and some you will not. As will many others.

      Don’t live life scripted! Research everything and make a decision that fits your situation best.

      If you still want to press the issue, please reach out to Young Living’s Product Support, this is their product and this is who you should discuss this with… email is:

      Peace, Hugs, and Happiness!
      The Oil Posse Team

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