Love It Share It: Ledum

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Ledum essential oil card has been added to the DIY Love It, Share It card page.Ledum2018_LoveItShareItClick/touch here to find the card in alphabetical order on the Love It, Share It singles page.


*Jojoba or Olive oil can be substituted for the fractionated coconut oil. You can leave out the beeswax but the ointment will be less solidified and a bit more “oily” feeling.

If you would like to make a batch large enough to fill the 20 (1-ounce) tins (see SUPPLY list below) then increase the ingredients as follows:

2/3 cup shea butter

2/3 cup fractionated coconut oil

1  Tbsp grated beeswax

1/4 tsp ledum

1/8 tsp peppermint


Shea Butter:

Fractionated Coconut Oil:

*Jojoba Oil:

*Zoe EVOO:

Beeswax Bar, Natural Apiary:

1-ounce steel tins with screw top lids (pack of 30):

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