Make and Take Class Labels: Travel Foaming Hand Soap

These labels are made to fit Avery 5167 1/2″ by 1 3/4″ size labels.
These will work great for travel size bottles to provide samples of DIY Foaming Hand Soap made with essential oils.
Don’t forget to punch a single hole into your business card and tie it around the bottle before presenting to new/potential members.
Also makes great gifts for friends/family or your team downline members.
Click/Touch here to download the PDF for a page full of the labels — ready to print
Please note: No one has permission to sell and/or profit from these labels in any form or fashion.

5 thoughts on “Make and Take Class Labels: Travel Foaming Hand Soap”

    1. Hi Sherri,
      There are many, many recipes that are easily found with a quick Google search. I have found that it really depends on what type of water you have as to which ingredients work best (for instance Castile soap leaves a film on the sink/faucets and skin for those with hard water). Try a few and see which one works well for your type of water. Here is one recipe to get you started on your search:

  1. So, even if we use the soap from the YL Foaming Soap refill and do not add or subtract anything from it at all, the labels cannot say YL? Is this because it is not in the original container? Just double checking. Thanks!!

    1. Basically, yes, the contents (and/or container) did not fully come from Young Living and would not be received in a sealed container. If we label it so that it appears as a Young Living product and something went wrong, Young Living could be liable.
      Here is the message received (after my phone conversation with YL Conduct):
      “Let’s talk about these labels that you have on You said that you were using these labels to create small samples of various Thieves™ products. Sharing samples to prospective members is something that a lot of our members do, and we even supply sample bottles to help our members accomplish this. Our main issues, however, are the following:
      1. Repackaging and Relabeling Policies restricts members from taking our products and separating them out and redistributing them, when they are being given out in new labels and packages. Policy 3.13 states, “You may not re-label, alter the labels of, repackage, or refill any Young Living product.” This policy applies more to when we are reselling products, but relabeling them, even when giving them away, is a violation of this policy.
      2. More concerning to us is that these labels that you have created are using Young Living Essential Oils trademarks. The YL™ logo, as well as the Thieves ™ logo are both on these labels, and no member is permitted to use these trademarks without express consent of YLEO. When making marketing materials for our oils, members may call them by name, but cannot use our trademarked logos for those products.
      The repackaging and relabeling issue is twofold: you are making these sample bottles look like YLEO made them, and that relabeling them in this way poses a very large risk to you, as a distributor. If you could take these links down, and update them to be in line with these policies, that would be very much appreciated.”
      Side Note for anyone who may question: I do have permission to share this message from YL Conduct and was told to direct anyone who has further questions to them or specially to Dallin Curry, YL Conduct and Education Department, e-mail is

      1. Thanks so much for responding so quickly! This is what I had guessed to be the case, but I wanted and make sure it was true. Sometimes my guesses are not! No surprise there, I am sure. The YL email spells the details out in easy to understand directives, it is a great source of information. Again, thanks for your response.

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