Member Enrollment Form: Savvy Minerals Addition

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Below you will find an updated 2018 Member Enrollment Form to replace the one we feature on our Ultimate Event Graphics Set. We will update all of the forms for EACH of the Ultimate Event Graphics sets very soon. Please remember to ALWAYS have available, at least, one set of the legal disclaimers that must be made available to all enrolling members (see our Ultimate Event Graphics Set for a link to the legal disclaimers, if you do not already have them).


2018MemberEnrollmentForm-PREVIEWONLYDONOTPRINTClick/Touch HERE to download the PDF for the member enrollment form featured above



  1. Just curious – no price next to the savvy kit – the others have a price… was that intentional? Thanks!

    1. It has been updated. Thanks for writing.

  2. Love this site and all the hard work everyone does. Has anyone created a form to handout at classes that would list products they currently buy for their home and then if they lift the page underneath would be the young living product that could replace the current products purchase at store?

    1. Yes, you can find this with our Ultimate Ditch and Switch package at this link:

  3. Why is there no place to check to begin Essential Rewards at time of enrollment?

    1. The page is full. For the few that may select this option, you can write it on the back, the back of the form is blank.

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