Mini Flyer: 2018 YL’s PSK v2, white

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2018-YLPSKMiniFlyer-v2UPDATED for 2018! Here is ANOTHER BRILLIANT, budget friendly way to plant seeds!!! We present you with a 4×6 small sized flyer featuring YL’s PSK (version 2, white) . . . it may be small but it is packed with visuals that give it a lot of information! Especially brilliant for those participating in RCD Shannon Hudson’s 10/90 plan! At just 15 cents (less with coupon codes and/or sales) per flyer you can easily plant seeds all over town! Why 4″ x 6″ size? Because you can have this printed as a matte photo, which will save you TONS on marketing material. We even left space for you to add your contact information! Keep an eye on the blog . . . we’ll have more mini flyers coming soon!

Here is a great deal . . . order via Shutterfly and if it is your first time ordering with them you will receive FIFTY photos (flyers) for FREE!!!! How cool is that?!

Just a few guidelines for use:

  • Please do not alter our designs (with the exception of those designs, i.e. flyers, brochures, and business cards, that have an area for you to add your contact information)
  • Please do not use as a social media graphic. This is for printing only.
  • Please provide a link back to this page when sharing the banner with others.
  • No one is authorized to sell this banner in any form.
  • Our designs our made to meet U.S. compliance. We do not design for other countries as we are not well versed with the compliance requirements for other countries. If you select a design to use in another country, it is your responsibility to ensure it meets that countries compliance regulations.
  • Our designs are free for any Young Living member to use, specifically U.S. members, see bullet point above.

We give permission for this flyer to be printed through any outlet for your personal use. The oil information in each box will be small.

Want the flyer? Click and then “right click and save” OR “touch and hold then save” to save the flyer design to your device. The method will depend on the device you are using. The flyer design is a high-quality JPG image file.


How To: Add Text to the Mini Flyer

We created a video to walk you through the process of adding text to your mini flyer using PicMonkey’s FREE service (rumor has it that PicMonkey no longer has a free option, if you have a MAC desktop/laptop you can use PREVIEW or if you have PhotoShop you could use that, just be sure whatever you use does not lessen the quality of the image or the print will come out blurry).


Make the mini-flyer even better by adding a strip of “peel and stick” magnet to the top of the flyer. This allows people to quickly put the flyer on their fridge for easy reference.


Get the magnets by clicking this link — ProMag 2 x 3.5 inches adhesive business card magnets, 100 pieces per pack, easy to cut with scissors:


  1. This is great. I used the previous one at a vendor show last night. Great deal of questions about oils with this graphic. Thank You

  2. Thank you so much for including the PicMonkey video. I forgot about that text feature. I love the mini flyer. thanks for sharing.

    1. You are more than welcome, Mia. Thank you for writing.

  3. Thank you – I need this to put in my kit that I share with friends.

  4. Thank you for another beautiful design! Since this is half page, why not put 2 on a page?

    1. You can do that when you print it. Use Google or another search engine to help if you are not sure how to make 2 copies on 1 page.

  5. Hello! I love this flyer, thank you for providing it. Is there anywhere on the site that I can find something similar for the Military address kit?

    1. Not at this time. Thanks for writing.

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