10/90 Plan: Mini Cards

OMGoodness! This is just beyond cool!
First, have you heard of Shannon Hudson’s 10/90 Young Living plan? This is where you commit to making 10 contacts a day for 90 days. The contacts can include “care calls” to those on your team. If you’ve not heard about it you should do a quick search for the 10/90 Young Living plan and check it out.
Okay, now that you have an idea about the plan, you will understand more why these cards are just so perfect! You can get them over at moo.com AND you can make up to 100 different backs for the cards! Yes, you read that right, up to 100! We did not go that “out of this world” with the backs, we did, however, select 20 backs that we thought would grab the most attention. So, we ended up with 5 of each of the 20 different backs (see more photos at the bottom of this post). Cool, huh!
So, how does this tie into the 10/90 plan? If you have not already figured it out, we are going to use the cards as a conversation starter with people we come across each day. We are going to set our goal at engaging/sharing with 10 people each day. However, don’t beat yourself up if you do not engage with 10 people per day! Start with small steps, if necessary, commit to 2 people per day and build from there. We selected oils like “Dragon Time” and “Stress Away” to get the conversation going. For instance, you are standing in line and hear a gal talk about how irritable she gets when it is her “time” . . . there you go, pull out the “dragon time” card and go from there! Um, but for the sake of being compliant, please do not state that “dragon time” will treat/heal/cure, etc. It is simply meant to be a conversation starter and not meant to break any policies or guidelines. You still have to remain compliant. That does not, however, mean you cannot have some fun with the oil names.
Want to make your own YL Mini Moo cards? We’ve put together 23 pictures to select from into one zip file on our Dropbox account. All you need to do is download the zip file, unzip it (remember where you unzip the file so you can access it from Moo), go to Moo.com, select the mini business card option, design your own cards, and then upload 20 of the 23 pictures (remember you can do up to 100 different pictures, if you want) and then follow the prompts from there. You will need to zoom out/in for each picture so it fits nicely on the card. Some pictures we did not include the entire picture (such as the diffusers diffusing photo), we just zoomed in so that the two diffusers displayed on the card. Watch the white space, you will want to zoom out a bit if you get a white space error message. Except some of the oils, it is okay to have white space for those because it is just white space around the oils, just make sure the oil bottle is positioned the way you want it to be inside of the dotted line. And, above all else, have fun with them!
Want the 23 photos in one zip file? Click/Touch HERE to download the zip file. This is a large file, you will want to download it onto a desktop/laptop computer.
Click/Touch HERE to go to Moo.com to get started creating your mini Moo cards!
Come back and share a picture of your 100 cards! We will feature them on our Essentially Awakened FaceBook page!
Live, Love, Laugh!
The Essentially Awakened Team

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  1. The dropbox file url opens and states that the file isn’t found. Is there an updated link? Thanks in advance!

    1. DropBox no longer allows public sharing. However, you can save the cards individually just as you would a graphic or photo. Thanks for writing.

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