Monster B Gone: Spray or Roller Bottle

Monster B Gone labels for roller bottles or spray bottles. Enjoy!


We are SO excited to bring you roller bottle or spray bottle labels for “kidz.”

Please ensure you read and adhere to the following usage guidelines:

  1. Please do not alter the labels in any form or fashion.
  2. Please do not share the graphics, instead share the link to this page.
  3. Please respect the time and work we have put into making these for you all, at no charge. All we ask is that you provide a link to this page when sharing.
  4. Every printer is different. Yes, we tested the labels on two different printers and they lined up perfectly on both printers. Ensure the scale is set to 100%.
  5. To make a “Monster B Gone” spray, select your child’s favorite oil, add 10-20 drops (do your research and make a choice that best fits your comfort level) then fill remainder with a carrier oil of your choice.
  6. Please ensure you have read our disclaimer page by clicking/touching here.
  7. Enjoy!

The link to download a full page of the labels can be found below. As seen in the preview photo, the labels are sideways and will print sideways, this is so they fit on the roller or spray bottle properly.

You can print these at home but please understand the high-definition colors may not “pop” as they do in the originals. We encourage you to save the file to a usb, take a page or two of the labels, and have them printed at your local printer or office supply store that offers professional printing.

Finally, we hope you enjoy this free printable. If you make these, please feel free to email us some photos. Let us know if it is okay to share the photos and we may feature them on this page or our Facebook fan page.


Click/Touch here to download a full page of the “Kidz” labels in PDF format


Our tried and true (personally tested) supplies:


These are made to print onĀ Avery Removable Durable Rectangular Labels, White, 1.25 x 1.75 Inches, Pack of 256 (22828). This particular one is water durable and will help the ink to not run as easily as other labels. This is what we use for all of our custom roller blend bottles.

Click/Touch here to order a set directly from Amazon



We use and these same roller bottles constantly. We give them out with samples and use them in our own homes. We have not had any leak nor have we experienced any chipping. Together, we are on our 14th set of 6 bottles. We only recommend products that we have used and tested. The following are 10 ml blue frosted roller bottles with stainless steel roller fitments.

Click/Touch here to order a set directly from Amazon



We use these little 2 ounce spray bottles to give samples of Thieves Household Cleaner. They work very well and there are other options, such as a white bottle, instead of a clear bottle.

Click/Touch here to order spray bottles directly from Abundant Health



Please feel free to use any brand you are most comfortable with using. We have personally found that we like Dr. Adorable brand, especially for their bulk size.

Click/Touch here to order this directly from Amazon



Let your little have an oil bag of his/her own. 13 colors options. And at only $10 we thought this was a great deal and we love the color options! We must state that you please not leave oils in the reach of children.

Click/Touch here to order a small oil bag directly from Amazon


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