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We are super pumped to bring you a wonderful “My Oily Sticker” collection to use with your planner/organizer/calendar of choice. Here is a fantastic Ningxia Red themed sticker to help you remember if you drank your NR today! Pour. Drink. Glow.

Here are a few guidelines for using the FREE sticker designs:

  1. Please do not alter the stickers in any way.
  2. Please do not take the design we worked so hard on and declare it as your own. Always show respect and link back to the designer.
  3. No one has permission to take this design/page and sell/profit from it in any way.
  4. Be sure to download the PDF from the link beneath the preview below.

Okay, that is all, just have fun and enjoy! More stickers being released so keep an eye on the blog.

LABEL SIZE & ORDERING INFO: The stickers are designed to fit Avery Labels 5167. You can order the labels directly from Amazon by clicking/touching >HERE<. There are EIGHTY (80) stickers per page!


Click/touch HERE to download the PDF for this sticker, 80 of the above per page.


  1. I love everything about this site! You guys/gals are wonderful. I was wonder if it were possible to make the Ningxia Red stickers in a 3-column layout for those of us that live outside of the US can’t Avery stickers, or really anything compatible in the 4-column range. Amazon will not ship Avery to Australia. 🙁

    1. We are getting ready to redesign the Ningxia bottle stickers. We are not pleased with the way they look and will be sure to make a 4 column page, as well. Thanks for writing.

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