My Oily Label: Card or Planner Page

Let’s face it, the instructions for use on our oil labels are just so tiny. They are very hard to read, almost impossible for those who have vision challenges. So, we are SUPER excited to bring this “My Oily Label” card/planner page to you! We designed this so it can work as either an individual card or as pages in your planner/organizer/journal.


For individual cards, this is designed to fit Avery 3″ x 4″, six to a page, number 5392.

If you would like to order the cards, Click/touch here to order the cards directly from Amazon.

To use as a planner page, simply download the below file, print, and use the punch that best fits your particular notebook system. Click/Touch here to see our other planner pages.


Click/Touch HERE to download the full page PDF file for the “My Oily Label” cards/planner page.

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