New Junior Page: Daily Checklist aka ToDo List

Junior size page to help you make your day more intentional. Daily checklist, aka ToDo list, top priorities, declutter section, and more.

This is for our fans who LOVE developing “ToDo” lists each day. We call this our “Daily Checklist: intentional planner.” It will help you prioritize your day, declutter and/or organize, and hopefully put things into perspective.

The “declutter” section was developed to help you pick an area that needs to be organized or thrown away. For example, on one day you may select a drawer in your kitchen to clean out and on another day you may want to organize a cabinet in your bathroom and on another day you may want to go through a drawer in your desk. Another purpose for the area may be to “declutter” your thoughts, you could use the area to write down random ideas. It was designed to be abstract, use it how it will best serve you. You get the picture, right.

We’ve even figured out a way to make our junior pages available so they can be printed double-sided (or duplexed). Watch for those becoming available very soon. Probably one or two a day. This one, the daily checklist, is the first one we are offering “duplexed” so you can grab that file and print front and back now. Enjoy!


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10 thoughts on “New Junior Page: Daily Checklist aka ToDo List”

  1. My team and I are very excited about this awesome planner for 2016! We ordered the half-size ARC Planner on Amazon and even purchased a desktop punch to share. We are very impressed with the quality of everything! Our problem is how the print the duplexed pages so they turn out right so we can print back to back!

      1. on the junior duplex calender, where do i hole punch it? if i do it on the right side of january, then it is upside down. if i do it between the 2 months, there is no room. Help please. I love this journal

        1. Hi Kathy,

          It sounds like you need to check your printers settings. Be sure the scale is set at 100%. Then, you will punch on the โ€œnoteโ€ side of each page.

          If you still have issues, scale the page down to 90% and see if that helps. Every printer prints a bit different.

          Let us know how it goes.

    1. Kathy,

      Yup, we need to reverse the pages. Deepest apologies, duplexing is not our specialty and we are still learning. We will work on correcting this issue this week. Again, deepest apologies.

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