New: NingXia Red 30 Day Challenge Planner Page

Here is a wonderful page to keep track of your NingXia Red daily intake, especially useful for those doing the “NingXia Red 30-day Challenge.”

What’s the NingXia Red 30-day challenge? This is where you commit to consume 1-2 ounces of NingXia Red each day, for 30 days. This page also provides a space where you can write how you feel each day, you could also use the space to keep track of your blood glucose levels, weight, and/or blood pressure.


Click/Touch here to go to the blog post where you can download this planner page. Scroll to the bottom, in the “new” section, to find this particular page.

8 thoughts on “New: NingXia Red 30 Day Challenge Planner Page”

  1. OM Gosh!! I have just discovered you! Love everything that you have. I have one question, however, if I want to print out the pages for the planner, can I do that on 2 sided to make my planner less bulky?

  2. Would you be able to make one that shows 2 oz and 4 oz instead of 1oz and 2oz?
    Thank you so much! Your calendar pages are amazing!!!!

  3. Excited to try this! Today is the beginning of the New Year, the beginning of my 30 days to a healthier me!!!!

  4. Neither of the links to these PDFs work anymore. Could you host them on your site so they can be downloaded? Thank you!

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