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We are designing a series called “My Financial Freedom” and this is the first part — business builder tracker! There is a page for January through April, May through August, and September through December. When you hop over to the “Full-Size” planner page, be sure you get all three pages. We cannot WAIT for you to see the rest of the pages coming for this series!! Enjoy.




Click/Touch here to go to the main post, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you should find this there — unless we’ve added more pages since this was posted — in either case, scroll through the pages, you will find it.


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!

  2. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your resources – and God bless you for sharing your time and talent! But I was wondering if there is any way to get a zip file of ALL of your downloadables? I know, crazy right? But, I’m trying to download everything (because they’re all GREAT), and I’m afraid I’m going to over look something. Even zip files organized by category (i.e. planner/notebook system, care club, etc) would be awesome!

    1. We have a zip file of the essentials but a zip file of everything would be much too large for most people. Plus, we are continually adding and will continue to add pages as time marches on. We will continue to add new pages to the end of the page so they are easier to locate. Thanks for writing.

  3. Will this be offered in the Junior size? Also, I cannot find a mileage log in the Junior size. And finally, thanks for offering all of this to everyone. You all ROCK!

    1. Thanks, Cathryn. We will eventually have all the full-size pages available in junior size. Thanks for writing.

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