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We have for you oil bottle labels for each of the oils included in Young Living’s U.S. Premium Starter Kit. Each label is hand designed and put together on one sheet. This provides you with FOURTEEN PSK label sets PER SHEET!

We test printed the labels on three separate printers (two ink jets and one laser). On each printer we had to change the scale to 100% so please be sure your scale is set to 100% or they will not align properly. The link to download the full sheet of labels is below, beneath the preview graphic. Be sure you download the PDF file and not the graphic as it is a preview only and will not align to print properly.

These labels make perfect (and inexpensive) gifts for new members or for special events (YL join date anniversary, team prize, etc.).

Looking for the sheet with the single essential oils? Click/touch HERE to go to that page.

Looking for the sheet with the essential oil blends? Click/touch HERE to go to that page.

Guidelines for Use:

  • No one has our permission to sell and/or profit from our label designs or this sheet of labels.
  • Please do not alter the labels in any way.
  • Please provide a link back to this page when sharing the labels.

With that out of the way, we hope you will enjoy!



(do not save the graphic above, the size and color
resolution was reduced for preview purposes only)

Click/Touch HERE to download the full sheet of labels


orderlabels 1/2 (0.5) Half Inch Round White Coding Labels–Value pack White Dot Stickers –Dot Labels –Semi gloss finish + Bonus round color labels (1010 Pack)– TEMPLATE Included! – click/touch here to order directly from Amazon
averyfullsheetlabels Full-Size label for your printer: Avery, pack of 25 sheets — for those who would rather use a half-inch hole punch and punch out their labels — click/touch here to order directly from Amazon
halfinchholepunch EK Tools half-inch hole punch — this is the BEST one we’ve found because you can see the entire half inch circle that you are punching before you punch it! — click/touch here to order directly from Amazon


  1. I just want to thank you all this wonderful information!

  2. YES, pay attention to the directions to be sure to order from Kimmerick studios. I added it to my cart and it said “by Kimmerick studios” then when I went to check out it switched to the other seller. I think this is because theirs was Prime shipping and Kimmerick isn’t and so because I have prime, that’s dominant? Anyway, I had to go to the seller Kimmerick and pick these particular labels to insure I got the right ones! THANK YOU Oil Posse for bringing that to our attention! I would’ve been disappointed to get the wrong ones.

  3. No matter what I do, once I go to check out it defaults to Grand Parfums for the labels! It says Kimmeric in my cart page, but not the check out page.. ?

    1. Grand Parfums has the correct labels in so you are fine to order with them. Updated the supply link info so it no longer provides the warning note. Apologies for the confusion.

  4. The labels I ordered from Amazon using the above link come with 12 labels across not 11. Is there a way for me to re-size to fit? Love these BTW, Thanks!

    1. Contact the seller and ask for a refund or replacement. They are supposed to sell the labels shown in the picture on the Amazon. Tell them you do not need a template. Tell them you have a pre-design that you want to print that is made specifically for the 11 across that is displayed and that you were supposed to receive.

      Note: we’ve updated the link to a different seller who has said theres is the correct 11 across label sheets.

  5. Hi! Is there an updated sheet with Raven and Citrus fresh? 🙂 Thank you!

    1. Yes, we are working to update ALL PSK material but it will take time to get everything updated. We appreciate your patience.

      In the meantime, both of those are available on our Oil Bottle Labels: The Blends page.

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