Welcome to The Oil Posse!
We are so glad you found us! Our journey to wellness still continues but we have learned a wealth of knowledge along the way. We hope to share as much of this as we can with you and that you will share your experiences with us, as well!
Our journey began around 2003-2004 . . .
My father became very ill and sadly it was diabetes that took the most toll on his body. My father was a huge influence in my life. He was strong, extremely intelligent, dedicated, and worked so hard to hold our family together. My father was also a military man, he served more than 25 years in the United States Navy and retired as a Commander. He commanded nuclear submarines (see, told you he was super intelligent). Unfortunately, he dedicated himself to everything but his own personal health. He ignored warning signs of major stress, heart issues, and later diabetes. He had his first heart attack in his 30’s and fought doctors. He knew he did not care for modern medicines but he also did not seek out alternatives as well as he should have. I can say this because we talked about it towards the end and it was one of the things he regretted. Jumping forward a bit, I had to learn a lot about nutrition and the best ways to feed his dying body. The whole family rallied together to try and save him by doing things “right” but we were still so naive about everything and the damage was already more extensive than we knew. I watched my father take his very last breath on this earth and it was the most painful moment of my life, thus far.
After my father’s death, I was so angry because I knew he was ripped from us much too early. I knew that most, if not all, of it was avoidable! and this is where my wellness journey truly began! It was not long after my father’s death that I was diagnosed as being pre-diabetic! I was shocked (truly I should not have been but still being naive, I was) and immediately kicked things into high gear. I read and learned as much as I could get my hands on! I refused to go on insulin and I changed everything I could from what I had learned. My diet changed (organic and/or local), our personal care items changed (earth friendly, non-toxic), our cleaners changed (and I was an OCD cleaner, let me tell you, but wait that is for another time) . . . the more I learned the more I figured out I was still doing things incorrectly! There is so much conflicting information out there . . . it is super easy to get confused, lost, and misled!
Jumping forward almost 10 years now, wow that went by fast, I can say that I am still off insulin, I am still managing my blood sugar levels with diet and “some” exercise (I need to kick this up in a major way but don’t we all)! I have a lot of work to do to get to a more optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual well being but I feel I am finally heading in the right direction.
Not too long ago I was introduced to essential oils . . . seriously, where have they been all my life and why was I so closed minded about them? As I begin to use oils to support my healthy body systems, I hope to share with you not only my experiences but also my families experiences with the oils.
My grandson lives with me and is a wonderfully handsome young boy who suffers from autism. He enjoys the calming scent of Young Living’s Stress Away blend.
So much to share, so much to learn, and so far to go . . . I am glad you are here and I welcome you to come along on this journey with me and my family as we move towards a more wholesome home!
Awaken your senses, enrich your emotions, support your wellness and “Get Your Oil On!”
The Oil Posse