Here is a poster that is sure to catch the attention of your audience! This poster incorporates nearly all of the category types of products Young Living has to offer! The poster is designed specifically and precisely according to VistaPrints specifications for a 24×36 inch poster. However, it should work fine for other print shops that offer a 24×36 poster and will size down as long as the ratios remain the same (example: decreased in size by half would be a 12 x 18 inch). This particular design will not size up due to VistaPrint’s resolution requirement for posters.


Just a few guidelines for use:

  • Please do not alter our designs (with the exception of those designs, i.e. flyers, brochures, posters, banners, and business cards, that have an area for you to add your contact information)
  • Please do not use as a social media graphic. This is for printing only.
  • Please provide a link back to this page when sharing the banner with others.
  • No one is authorized to sell this banner in any form.
  • Our designs our made to meet U.S. compliance. We do not design for other countries as we are not well versed with the compliance requirements for other countries. If you select a design to use in another country, it is your responsibility to ensure it meets that countries compliance regulations.
  • Our designs are free for any Young Living member to use, specifically U.S. members, see bullet point above.

The poster was designed using professional software and saved as a high-quality pdf file. To get the most of the vibrant colors it is recommended that you have this printed through a professional printing service.

The link to download the file is found beneath each of the flyer’s pictures below.

With all the necessary formalities out of the way — Enjoy!


The poster was designed to meet VistaPrint’s specifications for a 24 x 36 inch Poster.


  1. Download the PDF for the Poster below. Be sure to remember what you saved the file on your desktop/laptop computer.
  2. Go to VistaPrint’s website
  3. On VistaPrint’s website go to Signs & Posters >> Posters
  4. Select 24 x 36 >> Matte or Premium Glossy >> Start Designing
  5. Click/Touch the X on the “See Your Information” pop-up box
  6. Click/Touch the “Use Your Complete Design” >> “Upload It” selection
  7. Click/Touch NEXT in the pop-up box
  8. Click/Touch on “Upload Your Design” (the gray box) >> Add Image >> My Computer >> Choose Image or “My Computer” >> Choose Image on the left, either way does what you need it to do.
  9.  Follow the prompts from here. You will need to remember where you saved the file on your desktop/laptop to select the image.


Below is a PREVIEW ONLY image of the poster. It has been reduced in size and quality for preview purposes only. Do not save the image as it will not print properly. You need to save the PDF from the link beneath the poster image below.


Click/Touch HERE to download the above poster as a PDF file. This is what you will need to have the poster printed.


EASEL, Portable Easel, adjustable, tabletop or floor-standing:

FRAME, 24×36-inch silver, rounded-cornered movie poster frame, professional series: