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This is a PowerPoint presentation to use for essential oil basics classes/workshops/seminars/meetings/gatherings. The focus is on the oils in Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit (with vitality oils). It also includes the newly upgraded and totally awesome essential rewards program that goes/went into effect 1 Sept 2016.

This presentation is provided to you at no charge with the following guidelines:

You can edit the last slide to add your contact information.

Other than the contact slide, please do not alter any of the slides.

Below you will find notes to give to those who attend, please do not alter the notes (we cannot take the chance of being tied to anything non-compliant), you may add your contact information in the space provided, at the end.

You may want to include our Essential Rewards flyer and ER FAQ document. These are important for your attendees to have and take home with them.

We will not alter the presentation or customize for you. You will be responsible for adding your own contact information.

With all the necessities out of the way, we hope you will find this presentation a vital part of your educational/informational events.


Presentation File (PPT)



Click/Touch HERE to download the PowerPoint presentation


Presentation PDF File

If you would like to create a “flip board” of this presentation, you can download it as PDF file, print on glossy paper, punch holes according to the flip board rings you select, then place slide sheets in the flip board binder.

Click/Touch HERE to download the PDF version of this PowerPoint presentation


Need a “Flip Board?” Click/Touch HERE to order one from Amazon.


Presentation as Graphics (JPGs)

For those who would like to hold a virtual FaceBook event party using this PowerPoint, we’ve made each slide a JPG (graphic to post) and placed them into one ZIP file for you.

Click/Touch HERE to download the ZIP file containing a JPG for each of the slides


Presentation Notes

Don’t forget the notes/handout for your guests.

You will need to download all three of these files to provide a complete package for your guests.

1. Click/Touch HERE to download the notes for this presentation

2. Click/Touch HERE to download the Essential Rewards Flyer to include with the main notes for the presentation

3. Click/Touch HERE to download the Essential Rewards FAQs — even if you do not use the ER flyer, you will definitely want to include the ER FAQs.


******* Presentation Tool *******

Need a wireless clicker/laser pointer for your presentations? Click/touch here to check out this one with great reviews.


  1. Just in case you haven’t been told lately…You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for the work you do to help us all be successful. So very much appreciated!

    1. Tracy,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write. It is comments like this that fill our hearts with joy! Peace and blessings to you!

  2. Oh I love it! This makes me a little excited to teach my own class now! Still pretty nervous though! thank you times a million!

  3. I’m not on your team. Is it still okay for me to use this? Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes, all of our marketing material is free for all YL members, regardless of what team you are on or who your sponsor is. Enjoy and thanks for writing!

  4. This is amazing! Such a blessing! Love the quality of all the materials. This is what I needed. Thanks! !!!!!

  5. Do you have any Canadian presentations?

    1. Hi Trish,

      Unfortunately we are not well versed in the guidelines and laws in other countries. Therefore, there are only plans to produce United States compliant material, at this time. Just staying on top of the U.S. guidelines keeps us pretty busy. We hope you will understand. Thanks for writing.

  6. Is there a script for an online kids class?

    1. Not at this time. Thanks for writing.

  7. Thank you for this fabulous resource. Much appreciated and thought you should know. Wishing you abundance.

  8. I love love love the colorful sheets and the all the options that you have available to make a planner. I can’t thank you enough for having these available and Can’t wait to make my planner for 2018. It is going to be beautiful!

    1. You read our minds — we were already working on those. See our latest blog posts.

      Thanks for writing.

  9. Thank you SO much for providing these documents and photos in so many ways. You make this very easy to navigate and to use in a variety of formats! This is seriously wonderful and I don’t think I could say that enough. So appreciated from someone starting the business!

    1. Thank you. We really appreciate your taking time to write. ~The Oil Posse Team

  10. Will this work on apple products, I’m away from my computer right now and can’t wait to get home and download this and start practicing my presentation.

    1. It will work on any device that has a program/APP/software to display/view PowerPoint presentations.

  11. I love this slide show! will it be updated by chance?

    1. Thanks, Ariane. The presentation is up-to-date. Everything within it is still current today.

  12. Do you have any plans to update this presentation with the current oils; RC and Purification and replacing with Raven and Citrus Fresh?

  13. Hi! Thanks so much for this! I was wondering if you guys have an updated presentation with the new vitality oils in the new Psk and how ER is included with the PSK? Thanks for letting me know!

    1. Yes, 95% of our material was updated within a few weeks of the change. Use the front of our website to view a list of all of our free PowerPoint presentations. Thanks for writing.

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