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This is a PowerPoint presentation to use for essential oil ADVANCED 201 classes/workshops/seminars/meetings/gatherings. This presentation covers topics like the limbic system, constituents, top 10 oils not in the PSK, and more.

This presentation is provided to you at no charge with the following guidelines:

You can edit the last slide to add your contact information (or leave it off completely).

Other than the contact slide, please do not alter any of the slides.

Below you will find a complete class script you can use as is or feel free to write in notes and make it your own.

You may want to include our Essential Rewards flyer and ER FAQ document. These are important for your attendees to have and take home with them.

We will not alter the presentation or customize for you. You will be responsible for adding your own contact information.

With all the necessities out of the way, we hope you will find this presentation a vital part of your educational/informational events.


Presentation File (PPT)



Click/Touch HERE to download the PowerPoint presentation — (warning: this is a VERY LARGE file and may not download properly on a mobile device or for those with slow internet speeds)

Presentation PDF File

If you would like to create a “flip board” of this presentation, you can download it as PDF file, print on glossy paper, punch holes according to the flip board rings you select, then place slide sheets in the flip board binder.

Click/Touch HERE to download the PDF version of this PowerPoint presentation


Need a “Flip Board?” Click/Touch HERE to order one from Amazon.


Presentation as Graphics (JPGs)

For those who would like to hold a virtual FaceBook class/event using this PowerPoint, we’ve made each slide a JPG (graphic to post) and placed them into one ZIP file for you.

Click/Touch HERE to download the ZIP file containing a JPG for each of the slides


Presentation Notes

Don’t forget the notes/handout for your guests.

You will need to download all three of these files to provide a complete package for your guests.

1. Click/Touch HERE to download the script for this presentation

2. Click/Touch HERE to download the Essential Rewards Flyer to include with the main notes for the presentation

3. Click/Touch HERE to download the Essential Rewards FAQs — even if you do not use the ER flyer, you will definitely want to include the ER FAQs.


******* Presentation Tool *******

Need a wireless clicker/laser pointer for your presentations? Click/touch here to check out this one with great reviews.


  1. Hi Amy, Great information… thanks for sharing! On the ER FAQ sheet you have a question of what can I order on ER… and say that new products, things with different pv/price, etc aren’t available on ER. This isn’t true… you can order anything (with the exception of PSK I think) on ER. Your restrictions listed are for redeeming ER points.

    Thought you’d want to clear that up for people. Thanks again for all you do in sharing your talents!

    1. Thank you for catching this error. We have made the necessary revision and it is now available for download.

      Thanks for writing!

  2. Outstanding presentation. I am working up the nerve to put on a class. Thank you so much for making life easier for us ‘creatively challenged’ folks. 😀 May you be blessed!

  3. Thank you for all the wonderful info and business tools to use in sharing Young Living with the world! You guys are awesome!

  4. Thank you for sharing all these documents. They are really helpful for beginners.

  5. Very excited to have a new presentation! Thank you!!

  6. Thank you for this awesome tool! Downloaded it tonight, and scheduling a class ASAP! Thank you for all your hard work and being an awesome supporter of team YL! 🙂

  7. This is the oil power site I meant.

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  8. Has anybody ever held a “live” webinar class? I have folks who live out of state and would love to present this info to them live and with me speaking.

    1. Many members use Zoom. With their Basic/Free account you can host a live webinar for up to 40 minutes. Check them out at:

  9. The zip file for the jpeg pics only goes to slide 11, 12 is messed up

    1. Hi Rosie,

      There are actually 30 slides in this zip file. Just downloaded the zip onto two different computers (one apple, one windows) and both downloaded just fine. Which means something went awry on your end.

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