This awesome presentation was developed and provided, at no charge, by Diamond Shannon Hudson. We’ve been asked multiple times to make this available as images for Facebook classes. We are happy to provide this for all of you. Please visit Shannon’s website and be sure to thank her for her time and presentation. She is a loving, caring, and an amazing person. We deeply appreciate her gratitude and willingness to provide freely across the board. We hope this provides you with many blessings. Enjoy!

Presentation File (PPT)


HappyHealthyOilyPets-HeaderClick/Touch HERE to download the PowerPoint presentation


Presentation PDF File

If you would like to create a “flip board” of this presentation, you can download it as PDF file, print on glossy paper, punch holes according to the flip board rings you select, then place slide sheets in the flip board binder.

Click/Touch HERE to download the PDF version of this PowerPoint presentation


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Presentation as Graphics (JPGs)

For those who would like to hold a virtual FaceBook event party using this PowerPoint, we’ve made each slide a JPG (graphic to post) and placed them into one ZIP file for you.

Click/Touch HERE to download the ZIP file containing a JPG for each of the slides

*note about the ZIP file … most desktops/laptops have software that will open the ZIP file … you must open the ZIP file to get to the JPG slide images … many mobile devices do not have this software but there are APPs that you can download that will open a ZIP file … if you do not know what a ZIP file is or how to open them, please Google your device type and how to open ZIP files, you should be able to find plenty of step-by-step instructions and/or videos

Presentation Script

Here is the script for the Happy Healthy Oily Pets presentation.

Click/Touch HERE to download the script in PDF format


******* Presentation Tool *******

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Presentation Images Individually (JPG images)