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Slide01We’ve taken Young Living’s developed PowerPoint presentation and updated it with the current Young Living essential oil bottles and tweaked the scripts from the vitality slides so that they are now compliant. We’ve then taken those notes and placed each one into a document so that you can print the script out to read during the presentation. We also made the slides available as JPG images so you can use them for an online class. Finally, we made the presentation available as a PDF document to print out and place in a notebook or send to those who could not attend. We hope this will become a useful tool to further your Young Living business.


Click/touch here to download the PPTX file for this presentation


Click/touch here to download the PDF file for this presentation


Click/touch here to download the PDF file for the presentation script


Click/touch each slide to SAVE as a JPG image. The method for saving will depend on your device (touch and hold or right click to save as).


  1. Hi, anyway we could get a slide presentation on the Ditch and Switch?? That would be awesome. Thanks.

    1. We do not have a “Ditch and Switch” Powerpoint developed. It would take time to develop one and is on our list. In the meantime, we make our 8-day greener, cleaner course available for all YL members to view to get ideas for developing their own class. You can view that at:

  2. Brilliant idea and gift to business builders. How can one not succeed with all the generous tools being gifted to us. See you at the top!

  3. You guys are fantastic! I cannot thank you enough for being so generous and sharing all this material. It is so helpful!!!! Being a part of this company and this community is such a blessing !!

  4. Is it possible that you could make YL is more than EO in a horizontal banner. Would love to use in a fair booth! Carol Egger

    1. We will put this on our list of requests. Thanks for writing.

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