God has provided us with precious gifts. Young Living has taken the time to offer them to us as pure as they were intended to be used and cherished. Seed to Seal Purity Promise!


Many of us “oily” users are asked, “why do you use them, what makes them so special?” Oh, how many of us wish we could really tell you what is going on in our homes. However, because we represent and market for a company, we cannot tell you all of the glorious blessings that we would love to share.

What we can do is share a few thoughts with you all . . . ask yourself this, “Do you believe in the power of God?” “Do you believe He is our creator?” If you do not believe in these things, this post will not be for you and you may want to visit some of our other pages/posts and skip this one.

For those that do believe, like all of us here at The Oil Posse office, then you have to know God would not put us here without providing us with the means of supporting our physical beings. We have what we need to keep ourselves supported, vibrant, and happy! He has provided us with all of this. Lord, we thank You for Your gifts!

What makes the company we get these from so special? It is their dedication to providing us with as high of a quality and as pure of an oil as they were intended for us to have and utilize. If you have not already done so, please take time to visit Young Living’s “Seed to Seal” website. Really dive into all of it, watch the videos, read the information. It is what sets them apart and makes them the world leader in essential oils.

Believe in the gifts God has given us, support your physical being, and enhance your spiritual connection with God. You HAVE been PROVIDED!

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