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2018 update here:

NEW 2017 PSK Kit Card Set

These kit cards are perfect for classes, workshops, meetings, etc. Standing in line somewhere? Such an awesome opportunity to share this information! Sitting on a bus? Again, a wonderful opportunity to share! This set will easily slip into a pure, briefcase, diaper bag, etc. Make a few sets and keep them with you. Also, be sure to put a couple of sets in your glove compartment! Never find yourself without a set.

Hosting or Conducting an essential oil 101 class? This set is fantastic to pass out to your audience. It is difficult for potential members to remember everything from a class/workshop/meeting, especially about the PSK (you just get so much information and items) — these cards help them to remember some of the tid-bits of information that will be so beneficial to them when they receive their kit. They can also make notes on the back side of each card.

Bonus — they are inexpensive to make!

They work best with the:

Avery Name Badge Cards #5392 – 6 cards to a page


1-inch binder rings – punch a hole in the upper left hand side of each card then insert a binder ring to hold the set together


Fiskars 1/4-inch circle hand punch

You can click/touch the names of each item (cards, binder rings, and hand punch) above to purchase directly from Amazon. It took less than a minute to punch holes in one set and put them on the binder ring! Easy.

Create about 20-40 sets to start with and then just replace as necessary.

There are THREE pages of cards — be sure to enter your YL member ID on the last card — type it in, if you know how — if not write it in the designated space — either way will work just fine.

Do not forget to place a business card sticker on one (or more, or all) of the cards in the set.

Be sure your printer setting does not “scale” the page or is set to “fit to page” — the scale needs to be 100% to print and line up properly.


Please do not alter the cards or remove the copyright information. These are free to use but no one has permission to sell the card pages, or sell card sets. Please give credit where credit is due and refer members to this page if they would like their own pages to make the card sets.

The PDF file to download is located beneath each card page preview picture.




Click/Touch here to download Page 1



Click/Touch here to download Page 2



Click/Touch here to download Page 3



  1. Thank you – I have something similar, but really like these better.

  2. Hello!  Thank you for all your generous sharing!  I am looking for the Cool Azul Pain cream love it share it card, do we have one?  Thanks so much!  Karen LaCaze

  3. Can you tell me the name of the font you use?…on the psk cards. I’ll be ordering mine soon but would like my font to match..

    1. We used several, some paid, but Arial Narrow will work just fine for adding your information to the last card. If Arial Narrow is not available then Arial will work, as well. Thanks for writing.

  4. I just love all the information that you share that can help all Young Living Distributors! Thank you just doesn’t seem like it’s enough.

  5. Will this be updated with the 2018 PSK Changes? I love it!

    1. Yes, we are working to update ALL PSK material but it will take time to get everything updated. We appreciate your patience.

  6. Did this get updated? I can’t find it anywhere. This may be the best set I have seen.

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