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Here is a member requested “Grow with Young Living” loyalty punch card. The updated activities for this card came from Jennilee Miller. This fun “loyalty” punch card should provide an incentive for your team members to become more involved with Young Living products, Essential Rewards, and sharing with others.


Click/touch here to download the full-page (6 cards on one page) of this card in PDF format.

ALTERNATE VERSION (lower PV order requirement)


Click/touch here to download the full-page (6 cards on one page) alternate version of this card in PDF format

You can initial each activity, hole punch it, or place a heart or star sticker over each circle . . . so many options, select one that works best for you and your new team member. The idea is to just have fun with it.

Here is what you need to make your own “welcome to YL challenge” cards:

(1) 3″ x 4″ cards, six to a page — these were designed to print best with the Avery name badge cards, Avery number 5392. Click/touch here to order the cards directly from Amazon.

(2) The template (PDF file) for the cards (see link below preview of card above).

(3) Optional — half-inch hole punch. Click/touch here to order directly from Amazon.

Be sure to include your information label or attach your business card to the back of this card. Enjoy!


When we introduced our original “ten ways to earn” punch card, we were asked, “how does this work?” We will provide that information here as it will still apply to this loyalty card. The good thing about running your own business is you can make your own rules. However, for those that need a little guidance, and there is nothing wrong with that! Here is what we have done:

When you bring a new member onto your team (in this case, this card is designed for members who are already on your team) provide one of these cards in their welcome pack (or welcome card). Write their join date on the back of the card and then write the date that will land on the time frame you would like to give them to complete the tasks . . . some have done three months (pretty common) and others six months (less common).

If the person lives nearby, you can stop in and hole punch the card every so often. If they do not live nearby, just have them put a check mark and date that each activity was completed. You can work out the details of how to provide proof with your new member. This will vary depending on location, etc.

Someone asked us, “what if they do not have a YL class near them?” No problem, check with your upline as someone within your team will probably hold an online Facebook class . . . if no luck there, ask in a FB group if someone is holding a class and if your new member can take part in the class. We’ve not seen a shortage of online classes, yet!

Another person asked, “what do I give as a gift?” Well, that is a great question, you should always tailor the gift to fit your new member (in this case, existing team member). For example, if your new member is a teacher, you may want to give a large bottle of Thieves waterless hand purifier. Find out more about your new member and pick a gift that fits him/her the best. If you are still at a loss, one of the best gifts is the Thieves Aromabright tube of toothpaste or a small bottle of Thieves household cleaner!

Most of all, just have fun with it!


  1. I love this one. I would just suggest maybe changing the 300 pv order. I wouldn’t even begin to fill this out if I received this since I wouldn’t have thought of being able to do a 300 pv order. It would have discouraged me. Would you be able to make up another version with that box being different? I hate to even ask since you do so much for everyone. It’s just a suggestion.

    1. Danielle,

      You got it! An alternate version has been developed and uploaded to the post, it has a 190 pv requirement in lieu of the 300 pv. Enjoy!

      Side note: Please remember this card is for your team members, ones that have been members for awhile. There is another loyalty/punch card devised for new members. It helps your current team members see just how much they get, at no additional charge, when they place a qualifying order but we do understand no everyone can do this, even if they so desire and agree an alternate 190 pv card should be made available to satisfy all types of team member needs/situations.

  2. Looks good except there’s a typo with the word ‘with’ in the center box. Just thought you’d want to know.

    1. Thanks for catching that. The cards have been corrected and uploaded.

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