Removing Gluten: What You Don’t Know

Gluten: A Tiny, Sticky Microscopic Protein
Gluten: A Tiny, Sticky Microscopic Protein

Psssttt . . . there’s a gluten-free revolution taking place and everyone’s jumping on board!

Okay, not really but for many it sure seems that way, huh? I’ve noticed quite a few people and professionals writing about “going gluten-free” . . . some for it, some against it. Mind boggling, contradicting information all over the internet.

Well, here is what YOU probably don’t know . . . all wrapped up in a neat little package.

You do not go gluten-free to lose weight! That’s right and let me repeat this . . . You DO NOT go gluten-free to lose weight!

For those that really have done their homework and understand how gluten works in the body and what it can do when it doesn’t work in the body, knows it is not about losing weight . . . it is about digestion, joint pain, headaches, and other various symptoms.

You see, gluten (the protein from wheat, barley, and rye) does not break down in anyone’s body. The human body does not break down gluten in ANYONE. That’s correct, no matter if you have Celiac, gluten intolerance, or no issues . . . gluten does not break down in the body! Gluten is merely passed through the body and eliminated.

When people “react” to gluten, it is because, in some people, as the gluten protein passes through the body, the body can view it as a foreign material and attacks it! Think of soldiers surrounding the wall of a town, guarding the town and enemies are all around it trying to get in. The soldiers are your immune system . . . when even ONE tiny, minute particle of gluten tries to go through the body it can trigger these little immune “soldiers” into fighting the particle like an enemy. When this happens all sorts of reactions (symptoms for us) can take place.

This is pretty much the same for those with Celiac, just on a much larger and much more dangerous level!

The attack on the tiny-particle of gluten can produce any number of symptoms . . . it really can mimic all sorts of ailments and illnesses. It is extremely hard to diagnose gluten intolerance. The key is if you are going to “see” if this may be your issue then you have to eliminate ALL gluten in your life. It really is all or nothing when it comes to removing gluten from your diet. Seriously, if you are reacting then even one little tiny microscopic gluten protein will set you off. So, you will not truly know if this is your issue unless you are extremely strict and diligent with removing ALL gluten.

That means, you can go purchase gluten-free bread but if you are placing it in a toaster that has toasted gluten-containing bread, you are still eating gluten! Your toaster and various other items in your kitchen still contain gluten! Gluten is “super-sticky” and clings to everything! So if you have not “glutenized” (I made up a word here, haha) (removed the gluten from) your kitchen, you have not truly gone gluten-free. You must educate yourself and learn how to truly remove gluten from your life.

If you eat out and the restaurant prepares your “gluten-free” meal in an area where gluten-containing foods have been prepared . . . you are still eating gluten!

If you eat at a salad bar and some wonderful human being has used the lettuce tongs to grab some croutons and then places the tongs back into the lettuce and you use those tongs to get your lettuce (most of the time you will never know if that has happened) then you are still eating gluten!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to have gluten removed from your life completely and totally for a period of NOT LESS THAN 90 days to truly know if gluten is an issue for you. Why? Because your gluten can attach to the fat stored in your body. It can take up to 90 days for your body to release all of the gluten that may be stored within it . . .

So, if you say, “I went gluten-free for 2 weeks and nothing happened!” . . . I’ll say, “Yup, you’re right, nothing will happen!” Because for (1) I doubt very seriously that you “glutenized” your kitchen, (2) I doubt very seriously you eliminated all gluten from your diet (that stuff is in more things than you’ll ever really know) and (3) you did not give your body long enough to rid itself of the gluten that is in it.

So, before you are quick to judge the “gluten-free” revolution as quackery . . . know what you are talking about. It is not about losing weight, it is not about a one week revolution of experiencing amazing results . . . if you really want to know if gluten is an issue for your body . . . you have to educate yourself, thoroughly remove every tiny particle from your diet (to include “glutenizing” your kitchen), and you have to stick with it for NOT LESS than 90 days.

It is my hope that this post will provide you with a little more knowledge about the whole gluten-free revolution . . . that may or may not be taking place.

Here’s to better health and wellness for us all!

There are some that have lost weight going gluten-free and that is wonderful for those that do . . . seriously, I could not be happier for those that experienced that “bonus” from living this life style. However, no one should go into a gluten-free lifestyle with the only objective being to lose weight. It is unrealistic. In fact, many that go gluten-free find that they gain weight. Many, many, many of the gluten-free alternatives are so very bad for you . . . but that is a discussion for part 2 of this blog series. Stay tuned.

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