PrintWe know how excited many of you are about Young Living’s new Savvy Minerals cosmetic line!! We hope you are planning a Savvy Minerals Cosmetic Class! It is sure to be a big hit! However, you will need a few supplies to make it really pop! Below is a list of everything you will need to make the class a fresh, organized, happening event!!

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Cosmetic Class Supplies

FullerMiniCosmeticBrush Add some “bling” to your table with these super cute mini brushes (use to apply foundation, blush, eyeshadow, etc.):
CosmeticRounds Cosmetic Rounds (to apply foundation):
BlushBrushesMini Blush Brushes (blush and/or foundation):
CosmeticSpatulas Mini Makeup Spatulas (scooping tiny amounts of powdered makeup):
EyeshadowApplicators Disposable Eye Shadow Applicators:
MiniLipApplicator Disposable Lip Brushes (lipstick/lipgloss):
MiniBakingCups Mini baking cups better than parchment paper (to place powdered makeup in once it is scooped up with the spatula):
DisposableDisplayTray Disposable Display Tray (to display all of the samples your guest has selected):
Mirrors Standing Mirror to have on the table:
20428Use the new Seedlings Baby Wipes to remove makeup.