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PrintWe know how excited many of you are about Young Living’s new Savvy Minerals cosmetic line!! We hope you are planning a Savvy Minerals Cosmetic Class! It is sure to be a big hit! However, you will need a few supplies to make it really pop! Below is a list of everything you will need to make the class a fresh, organized, happening event!!

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Cosmetic Class Supplies

FullerMiniCosmeticBrush Add some “bling” to your table with these super cute mini brushes (use to apply foundation, blush, eyeshadow, etc.):
CosmeticRounds Cosmetic Rounds (to apply foundation):
BlushBrushesMini Blush Brushes (blush and/or foundation):
CosmeticSpatulas Mini Makeup Spatulas (scooping tiny amounts of powdered makeup):
EyeshadowApplicators Disposable Eye Shadow Applicators:
MiniLipApplicator Disposable Lip Brushes (lipstick/lipgloss):
MiniBakingCups Mini baking cups better than parchment paper (to place powdered makeup in once it is scooped up with the spatula):
DisposableDisplayTray Disposable Display Tray (to display all of the samples your guest has selected):
Mirrors Standing Mirror to have on the table:
20428Use the new Seedlings Baby Wipes to remove makeup.


  1. For what purpose are the are the mini cupcake liners?

    1. They are used to hold a small scoop of blush or eyeshadow, or any of the powdered products. Scoop up a tiny amount with the mini spatulas. The attendee can then dip their brush or applicator into the powder to apply. It is more sanitary for the attendee to use the product from there than having multiple people using the product from its original container. It also allows the attendee to “double dip” — so to speak.

  2. Thanks for putting a list together to help us keep transference/germ issues at a minimum.

  3. Thanks so much! Great list! So excited to have Savvy Minerals to teach about now!

  4. How well do the cosmetic rounds work with the misting spray?

    1. We have not experienced any issues or heard any from others. Thanks for writing.

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