A totally awesome idea by Aimee Katseanes and Teri Yancey for handing out Seedlings Baby Wipe samples! How adorable are these little packets? We took this idea and design and created a sticker template you can use to recreate the sample pack. Everything you need is listed below. Huge thank you to Aimee and Teri! Enjoy.


Click/Touch >> HERE << to download the above sheet as a PDF file (this is the file you need to print the stickers so they will align properly – the above is reduced in size and quality for preview purposes only)


Simply fold ONE Seedlings Baby Wipe and place into mylar pouch. Zip to seal it closed, add sticker and your all set to share. One wipe per pouch is the idea behind this sharing method but, it is your independent business so you can give just one or add more. The choice is yours.

Pink/Blue Mylar Pouch, ZipLocs to Close (other colors available at this link — blue, purple, etc.): http://amzn.to/2xz33IA

2” Kraft Brown Round Labels/Stickers: http://amzn.to/2xy2oYe