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We’ve made it super easy for you to DIY your own “Love It, Share It” Young Living essential oil cards.

Guidlines for Usage:

(1) Please do not alter the cards in any manner

(2) If you share these via social media, please provide a link back to this page.

(3) No one has our permission to profit from any of our designs in any manner.


Be sure to bookmark each of our DIY “Love It, Share It” card pages. It is our goal to eventually have a sharing card for every YL product.

Here is what you need to make your own “love it, share it” cards:

(1) A 1/2-inch (0.5 inch) hole punch. Click/touch here to order one directly from Amazon.

(2) 3″ x 4″ cards, six to a page — these were designed to print best with the Avery name badge cards, Avery number 5392. Click/touch here to order the cards directly from Amazon.

(3) The template (PDF file) for the cards (see below).

Be sure to include your business card, attach it to the back of this card, and/or place your contact information on the back of this card.

Also, check back often as we will continue to add to this collection.



Click/Touch HERE to download a full sheet of the above card in PDF format