Mini Flyer: YL is More than Oils

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This is a BRILLIANT, budget friendly way to plant seeds!!! We present you with a 4×6 small sized flyer . . . it may be small but it is packed with visuals that give it a lot of information! Especially brilliant for those participating in RCD Shannon Hudson’s 10/90 plan! At just 15 cents (less with coupon codes and/or sales) per flyer you can easily plant seeds all over town! Why 4″ x 6″ size? Because you can have this printed as a matte photo, which will save you TONS on marketing material. We even left space for you to add your contact information! Keep an eye on the blog . . . we’ll have more mini flyers coming soon!

Here is a great deal . . . order via Shutterfly and if it is your first time ordering with them you will receive FIFTY photos (flyers) for FREE!!!! How cool is that?!

In fact, until August 10, 2017 all new Shutterfly customers (orders) will receive 50 free prints, one free magnet and one free set of address labels! Click this link to go to Shutterfly now.

Want the flyer? Click and then “right click and save” OR “touch and hold then save” to save the flyer design to your device. The method will depend on the device you are using. The flyer design is a high-quality JPG image file.


How To: Add Text to the Mini Flyer

We created a video to walk you through the process of adding text to your mini flyer using PicMonkey’s FREE service.


Make the mini-flyer even better by adding a strip of “peel and stick” magnet to the top of the flyer. This allows people to quickly put the flyer on their fridge for easy reference.


Get the magnets by clicking this link — ProMag 2 x 3.5 inches adhesive business card magnets, 100 pieces per pack, easy to cut with scissors:


  1. Can I put my contact information on the front when I order the flyer or after I get them? Went to Shutterfly and they said something about putting something on the back, but I didn’t want anything on the back. Sorry if I’m not making sense, but a little confused. Have used your banners, but have always used U-Printing. Thank you for all your hard work as I find the graphics beautiful. Carol Egger

    1. We just added a video to walk you through the process. When you go to the post you may have to refresh the page to see the video link. Hope that helps.

  2. Is there a code for the Shutterfly promo for the free fliers and magnet?

    1. No code needed for new Shutterfly customers.

  3. Is there a full size 8.5×11 version of this?

    1. Not at this time. This was developed specifically as a mini-flyer. Thanks for writing.

  4. I cannot find the link to download this document (YL is more than oils) to PICmonkey or even just to print at home??? Am I missing something?

    1. Hi Tammy — Follow the instructions on the post. There is nothing to download for this . . . it is a JPG image (see the post for instructions).

  5. Do you have a version of this without contact that we can use as a graphic in our groups?

    1. No, sorry, the material we provide is intended for using to print (live, in person uses). The majority of what we provide is not for use as social media graphics. We have a few exceptions but those are noted (such as the JPG’s we offer for our essential oils 101 and 201 classes).

  6. I’m wondering if PicMonkey has updated their website where everyone has to do a free trial. I attempted the edit a photo option and once I needed to export the flyer I couldn’t get past that point without logging in AND setting up a free trial. Any advice or updates?

    1. No, it is just a little tricky to locate. We will try to do a screen recording video to show how to locate it. Instead of clicking on Free Trial, I believe we clicked on “Log In” and used our Facebook account. It is possible they may have changed this but see if that will work. We did it from our desktop, that may be the difference, the APP may not have that option.

  7. Hi! PicMonkey discontinued their free membership. 🙁 Your video was so helpful, and after figuring this out through an online search, I’m going with the free 7-day membership while I decide what to do. Thank you for the beautiful flyer!

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