Special Needs: The King of All Writing Instruments

We hope this post will touch and improve the lives of some of our fans who care for or know someone who has a child with special needs.
We our a homeschooling family and when it comes to writing . . . well, let’s just say it is a daily struggle for our beautiful child with special needs.
We finally found THE pencil of all pencils . . . I know it sounds like a simple thing but for us, it is huge.
Check out how our young man is properly holding the pencil. This pencil is designed so that you have to hold it properly and without cramping your hand. We’ve noticed how other special need writing devices force the user to hold so tightly that the hand will cramp . . . problem solved with this design.
The Twist N’ Write PenAgain Pencil is available through Amazon and you can purchase it directly by clicking/touching HERE
Spread the word and especially share with any occupational therapist you know!

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