Savvy Minerals Ordering Card

We are pleased to present to you a Savvy Minerals Ordering Card. On one side of the card there is a place for your guest to write in the quantity of the item he/she wishes to order. On the back of the card is a place for your guest to write her contact information, select if she would like to be a wholesale or retail customer, and her payment information. We strongly recommend you either (1) print from home using the file and instructions stated below, or (2) print through a local printer so you can ensure you will have this card on a true matte postcard stock paper. If it has a low gloss, which some printers call matte, your guest will have trouble writing on the card. We hope you will find this very useful for your Savvy Minerals themed events.

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Flyer: Savvy Minerals

We hope you find this flyer useful. You can print out a label with the time, day, date of your cosmetics class and stick it to the back of the flyer to use as an invitation. This flyer is designed to the specifications required for an 8.5 x 11" flyer printed via Vista Print but they will print just fine if you wish to print at home or have printed elsewhere.

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Savvy Minerals Cosmetic Class Cards

We are elated to present to you 33 Savvy Minerals themed class cards! These cards will elevate your cosmetics class to a whole new level. We designed the cards so that they can be printed as a 4x6" picture to save you money! Have them printed through your favorite photo printing business such as; Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Kodak, etc. Also, we have designed for you a high-quality professional Savvy Minerals flyer!

Savvy Minerals Cosmetic Class SUPPLIES List

We know how excited many of you are about Young Living's new Savvy Minerals cosmetic line!! We hope you are planning a Savvy Minerals Cosmetic Class! It is sure to be a big hit! However, you will need a few supplies to make it really pop! Below is a list of everything you will need to make the class a fresh, organized, happening event!!

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