EO 101 PowerPoint Presentation: 2016

A complete PowerPoint presentation updated with the 2016 oil bottle labels and vitality oils. Complete with script (notes), PDF of the presentation, and slides as graphic zip file.


*Note: this is an outdated version. Please see our new version. Continue reading “EO 101 PowerPoint Presentation: 2016”

Oil Class: Sharing Ideas


Hi everyone. Just wanted to share a quick video with a few ideas we had for our upcoming classes. You’ll find links to some of the tools we used beneath the video. We hope this will help some of you with your upcoming (or just starting out) classes. Apologies for a few places in the video that are a bit “wiggly” as I was on my own with this one and trying to hold the phone while dropping drops of oil and placing lids and so on . . . not as easy as I thought it would be. You understand, right?! Continue reading “Oil Class: Sharing Ideas”