My Oily Sticker: Daily Exercise

We are super pumped to bring you a wonderful "My Oily Sticker" collection to use with your planner/organizer/calendar of choice. This sticker is the one we hope will speak the most volume to all of YOU. Why? Because it does not matter what you eat, the supplements you take, the super-healthy drinks you consume . . . if you are not moving your body daily you will not reach optimal health and wellness. Please do not let "exercise" mean more to you than what it should . . . it does not mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars each year to work out at a gym . . . it does not mean you have to work out to the point of being so sore you cannot move . . . exercise can simply be walking 15-20 minutes after each meal . . . or taking a rapid walk around your neighborhood. Whatever you select, the important thing is to get up and move and keep moving for, at least 15 minutes, get your heart rate pumping and have fun. Exercise does not have to be a downer, or expensive, or time consuming. Walk in place while watching your favorite tv-show or movie! Be active and move your body, every day. Enjoy!