Care Club’s Gone GLOBAL

We developed this “Global Care Club” concept to provide you with a year’s worth of themes! Those receiving the “Care Club” goodies can experience scents from around the globe. How cool is that?!


Many of you know what “Care Club” is but for those that do not we will shed a little light on the subject. “Care Club” is a term used for those who are sending out “care packages” to Young Living members who are on their team (in their downline). Some members will also send out “care packages” to people who are not yet Young Living members (prospective members). Typically, the person sending the package will select 3-4 Young Living products and provide a small sample of that product to the person receiving the “Care Club” package. Usually the sender will select 3-4 different products to send each month for three months. Some members send samples each month for longer than three months but the average is three months. Continue reading “Care Club’s Gone GLOBAL”