Oola — Now it can talk to YOU

If you are like several of us on the Oil Posse┬áteam, finding time to read becomes more and more of an obstacle. It is this very reason why we were doing “happy dances” here at the Lavender Lobby office when we learned the Oola book was now audible. How cool is that? Continue reading “Oola — Now it can talk to YOU”

Infused 7 Collection: Card Set


Infused 7 Card Set

This card set is perfect for classes, workshops, meetings, etc. Provide potential members with a card set — go through the cards — hold a mini-class while standing in line at the grocery store, hardware store, sporting events, or wherever and opportunity presents itself. Give them out during classes/events/meetings.
Great incentives to purchase the Infused 7 Collection.
Bonus — they are inexpensive to make!
They work best with the:
Avery Name Badge Cards #5392 and
1-inch binder rings.
You can click/touch the names of each item (cards and binder rings) above to purchase directly from Amazon (shipped directly to your door and the price is not bad at all). You’ll also need a one-hole punch. It took less than a minute to punch holes in one set and put them on the binder ring! Easy.
Create about 20-40 sets to start with and then just replace as necessary.
There are THREE pages of cards — the last card is for your contact information — type it in, if you know how — if not stick a label on it or staple your business card to it — either way will work just fine.
Be sure your printer setting does not “scale” the page or is set to “fit to page” — the scale needs to be 100% to print and line up properly.
Please do not alter the cards, remove the disclaimer or the copyright information. These are free to use but no one has permission to sell the card pages, or sell card sets. Please give credit where credit is due and refer members to this page if they would like their own pages to make the card sets.
The PDF file to download is located beneath each card preview picture.
Click/Touch here to download Page 1
Click/Touch here to download Page 2
Click/Touch here to download Page 3
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