Mini Flyer: YL is More than Oils

This is a BRILLIANT, budget friendly way to plant seeds!!! We present you with a 4x6 small sized flyer . . . it may be small but it is packed with visuals that give it a lot of information! Especially brilliant for those participating in RCD Shannon Hudson's 10/90 plan! At just 15 cents (less with coupon codes and/or sales) per flyer you can easily plant seeds all over town! Why 4" x 6" size? Because you can have this printed as a matte photo, which will save you TONS on marketing material. We even left space for you to add your contact information! Keep an eye on the blog . . . we'll have more mini flyers coming soon!

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Card: Welcome Card, Glittery Color Choices

Here it is, SEVEN sparkly-glittery color choices for the welcome to Young Living card designs! So many of you have requested that we offer the welcome cards in various color choices -- with even more wanting them to sparkle! Special thank you to all of you who requested this nicely and respectfully. We appreciate kind requests. Please note the colors will be a little different and more high-quality in the PDF file that you will use to print from home.

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Welcome to the Team: Life Preserver Card

How many times have you wished you had a "Welcome to the Team" card to send to your new member? Well, wish no more, we have just the thing for you!! and this card has a BACK so you can write in your contact information! How cool is that?! On the back of the card there are four white spaces around the life preserver. In each space you can write in your contact information (phone, email, facebook, text). If you are lacking any of these communication types then simply leave the space blank. In the middle of the life preserver you can write your name but that is optional.

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