EO 101 PowerPoint Presentation: 2016

A complete PowerPoint presentation updated with the 2016 oil bottle labels and vitality oils. Complete with script (notes), PDF of the presentation, and slides as graphic zip file.


*Note: this is an outdated version. Please see our new version. Continue reading “EO 101 PowerPoint Presentation: 2016”

Rainstone PowerPoint Update

The Oil Posse teamĀ is excited to offer you an updated version of our “New 2015 PSK PowerPoint Presentation.” It has been updated to reflect the recent diffuser option change. Continue reading “Rainstone PowerPoint Update”

YL Developed PowerPoint: Flex Revision

Young Living’s developed Powerpoint presentation — Introduction to Essential Oils — is full of wonderful information and we are all thankful for the time that was invested putting the presentation together. However, there was one topic that was overlooked, the flex oils. While the flex oils were added to the other oils, they were not grouped together or addressed. Continue reading “YL Developed PowerPoint: Flex Revision”