2020 Printable: $5-$20 YLEOs

We know how long many of you have been waiting for this printable. We are over-the-moon excited to finally provide this for all of you. This printable features all of the single, blend, and vitality essential oils that Young Living currently offers (as of 3/9/2020) that are $20.99 or less. Be sure to read the short guidelines for usage beneath the preview pictures below. Enjoy!

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Love It, Share It: 2018 Animal Scents Ointment

Ingredients Updated for 2018. Animal Scents Ointment is a protective, soothing salve designed specifically for external use on animals. The gentle and safe formula is enhanced with pure Tea Tree and Myrrh, two of nature's most powerful essential oils.

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Love It, Share It: Melissa

Girl, you got this! Roller bottle blend recipe! Take this roller bottle with you everywhere! Melissa will be your best friend! She provides a soothing, comforting, and calming aromatic experience. No worries, Melissa's got your back!

Mini Vitality Business Recipe Cards

Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint Vitality Business, Recipe cards! Great for anytime but especially good for vendor events when you need to hand out lots and lots of cards!

AOK: 2018 DIY Newsletter Series

UPDATED for 2018! A FREE newsletter series with TEN editions and two more becoming available soon! These are offered complete with a tutorial video to walk you through the very simple process of using them with MailChimp! Saving you a lot of $$ by offering a quality newsletter to your new members! A very informative and fun newsletter series. Enjoy!

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