Contact Cards: Full Address Variation

We are excited to offer a variation of our new class contact card. This card design allows you to obtain the full mailing address of your potential member. There is a front and back to this card design. Continue reading “Contact Cards: Full Address Variation”

Ultimate Vendor Event Checklist

A complete vendor event checklist to assist you with ensuring you have everything you need for an indoor or outdoor vendor event.

This checklist was created with the intentions of an all-day, outdoor event. You can adjust the list to fit the type of event you will be attending. A PDF of this list is available at the bottom of this page. The PDF is list only and will not include the details (reasons for listing the item). There is a link to almost all of the items listed below. Most of the items linked are “tried and tested” during our years as vendor event participants. Whether you are just beginning or a “seasoned” vendor participant, we hope you will find this list beneficial for preparing for your next event. Continue reading “Ultimate Vendor Event Checklist”