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Why join The Oil Posse team?

When you join The Oil Posse team, you will receive so much more than the great gift Young Living members already enjoy; you will receive:

Guidance — Oil Posse team members will receive a direct phone number they can call to ask questions. We never want you to feel overwhelmed.

Support — Oil Posse team members will have as much support as one can reasonably provide. One-on-one consults, group consults, and more are all available to you at no additional charge.

Marketing Materials — Oil Posse team members will have access to marketing material and specialized courses developed by our team members. All marketing material is free to download and utilize.

Leadership — Oil Posse team members will receive professional, caring, and team embracing leadership. You will discover a leader who will embrace suggestions, ideas, and more. A leader who believes in learning from others, no matter what level they are at in their Young Living journey. Leadership is about embracing every member of the team and that is what we strive for you to experience when you are a member of the Oil Posse team.

Daily communication — there is an The Oil Posse FaceBook page and a The Oil Posse exclusive Facebook group. Daily posts are made to The Oil Posse FB page; while not all posts are related directly to essential oils, you can still get a sense that someone is there for you. The Oily Posse group allows you to posts questions so that both leaders and new members can provide support and guidance. The Oil Posse team is also the creator of several popular Facebook groups, such as; Oil Talk, Bridging the Gap, and Simply Sharing, which offer a wealth of support and information to help you share Young Living with others while complying with the guidelines set forth by not only Young Living but local/state/federal guidelines.

Family — Oil Posse team members are like family. We open our hearts to embrace you all. Come join the Oil Posse family and make yourself at home! We are here for you!

Ready to join The Oil Posse team?

Wonderful!! Welcome!! Just click >> here << and follow the prompts.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us anytime by clicking >> here << You’ve joined the Oil Posse Team, what’s next? We are so thrilled to have you as a part of our team! Be sure to contact the person who helped you into the team for further support and guidance.

If, however, you found your way here all on your own, and we are so glad you did! Please take a minute to contact us by clicking >> here << so we can provide you with any information or answer any questions you may have.

Here is a wonderful tutorial that will walk you through the registration process for joining Young Living.


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