Young Living as a business: Is it right for me?



Is Young Living right for me? What does it offer? Are the products good?
The purpose of this information is to answer these basic questions and help you understand why selecting or making the switch to Young Living is a smart business decision.

 No Orders

Yes, you read that correctly: with Young Living you do not take or deliver orders — there are NO constant orders to obtain, no party deliveries, no returns to manage. When you bring people into the Young Living family, they become members, with their own accounts; whether they want to make this their business or not, they manage all of their own orders. Of course, you will want to embrace, support, and guide those members who you bring into the Young Living family.

Products that are justifiable!

Seriously, think about this: in an economy in which people are having to truly cut down on spending, how justifiable is a tote, a piece of jewelry, a skillet, etc.? Young Living offers a variety of products that many would have no problem factoring into their monthly budgets, such as: toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, children’s toothpaste, children’s shampoo, vitamins, and most importantly essential oils that will help to maintain wellness. Why Young Living essential oils and products? What’s so special about their products? Young Living’s owner, Gary Young, works diligently to ensure all of the oils come from sources that are grown sustainably and naturally. Young Living owns their own farms (helps ensure growth is obtained through natural, earth-friendly, non-toxic methods), their own distilleries (greatly decreases the chance of cross contamination), and tests the oils not only in-house but through a third-party independent lab, as well (to ensure quality and any batch that does not meet the strict standards of Young Living are not sold to YL members). They truly care about the product you will use to support your healthy body systems! Learn more at

Greater Membership Potential

Because you are offering products that offer support for literally anyone, you are not limited in who would be a potential member for your business. Any individual you meet is a potential member for your business! That is a powerful statement right there! Young Living products have no boundaries and are available anywhere in the United States, in addition to select areas around the globe, and this is expanding quickly.

Less Overall Business Expense

Apart from the one-time membership package, there are no constant turn over of products, and no constant seasonal kits to purchase — what you have are good products that just consistently and continually work! Are there ever new products? Yes, of course, but there is no need to purchase them for your business; all the information about any new product is provided to you at no charge. You can purchase them if you want but, because of the nature of the products, it is definitely not necessary.

Less to Haul

You can bring virtually everything you need to instruct a workshop (think party) in one small briefcase/tote, and sometimes even less than that! Workshops can simply be instructed with as little as one powerpoint presentation and one bottle of essential oil!

Explosive Growth

This is the best time to join Young Living, as the company is experiencing explosive growth! Right now, we are seeing a tremendous change in the way people wish to manage their wellness and many are wanting to do this holistically (naturally) — essential oils provide them with a way to do just that!


Never will you see such a heart-warming and welcoming group as you will with Young Living — there are numerous outlets for obtaining information and support for not just your business but also for learning more about all of the Young Living products. You will not experience the cut-throat type of sales atmosphere as you do in many other MLM businesses. The majority of YL members want to help you with your journey, no matter what level you are at with the company.

World Wide

Young Living products are available in various locations around the globe!

Low Membership Requirements

There are low monthly PV requirements to earn from your downline, which are easily attainable, AND Young Living has a rewards program that provides you 10%-15%-20% back from the PV you spend monthly. In other words — you earn points to purchase “free” products over time! The best news is that this requirement does not increase as you grow your business.
The earning potentials are REAL and never will you find a product that can offer so much to someone. If you love the idea of literally changing peoples’ lives, then this is the company for you!
One final question you may have: “Why would I want to join your team?” That is a fantastic question and one in which I am actually prepared and excited to answer! Read all about the special incentives that come with joining “The Oil Posse Team” by clicking >> here <<
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