Here is a fantastic list of resources that will help you put together a well-informed and ultimate Thieves themed event, class, meeting, etc. The resources are a combination of what we offer here on The Oil Posse site along with resources from Young Living and Life Science Publishing. We consider it the ULTIMATE Thieves Themed Event Material List! We hope you find it useful and rewarding.
We’ve gotten quite a few requests for a “chemical free” themed event package. First, we feel the need for a little clarity, we will never have a “chemical free” themed anything. Why? Because water, H2O is a necessary chemical, oxygen O2 is a necessary chemical. When representing a business it is important to do your research so you provide accurate information. Asking anyone to live “chemically free” is the same as asking someone to not live at all.  Seriously, our bodies are comprised of millions of chemicals. We are chemicals. All essential oils are comprised of chemicals, yes, even pure Young Living essential oils are chemicals — some of you may know them as constituents. So, with that said, we implore you all to call it something like “home cleansing” or “green living” or “harsh-chemical free” or something along those lines. Second, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) regulates all things “toxic” and Young Living has had a warning about members using the term “toxic,” we cannot use this term when representing Young Living. If you need further clarity or confirmation, in regards to compliance, please reach out to the source, Young Living Conduct and Education. You can contact them through their email address: conduct@youngliving.com

Below is a wonderful list of resources both on our site and via Young Living that will help you achieve a successful harsh-chemical free/Thieves themed event!

Thieves Themed Banner: https://theoilposse.com/2016/10/30/large-thieves-event-banner/

Thieves Themed Business Card: https://theoilposse.com/2017/04/14/business-card-thieves-line/

Thieves Themed Love It, Share It Cards: https://theoilposse.com/2016/08/29/love-it-share-it-thieves-products/

61 Uses for Thieves Household Cleaner Booklet: https://theoilposse.com/2015/11/09/61uses4thc/

All-Purpose Cleaner Label for making a full bottle of cleaner to use as a giveaway or display (for a 32-ounce spray bottle): https://theoilposse.com/2015/01/29/allpurposecleanerlabel/

Home Cleansing DIY Recipe Booklet (link to preview the booklet is on the post): https://theoilposse.com/2016/04/30/homecleansing/

Young Living Thieves themed booklet (order via your back office item number 3490, as of the time this was posted they were $6.75 for a pack of 25 booklets) — preview it at this link: https://issuu.com/youngliving/docs/thieves_booklet_issuu

Flyer promoting the Thieves Premium Starter Kit, pack of 100 for $15 at Life Science Publishing: https://www.discoverlsp.com/uses-for-yl-essential-oils-flyer-with-notes-english-50-pack-3260.html