HeaderPSKEventPackage-KetoThe Keto Lifestyle is exploding and you can get in on the action! Young Living’s Vitality essential oils are a fantastic way to improve flavor in a Keto (or wholesome) dietary lifestyle without adding carbs or sugars! Essential oils provide ZERO dietary macronutrients and are an amazing addition to any type of dietary lifestyle but especially the Keto lifestyle. We are providing you with a flyer, signs, RECIPE TABLE DISPLAY CARDS, banner, and so much more! Take your event to the next level with our free marketing material designs!

Alternate Event Package Designs

Original Oil Drops | Spring Grass | Summer Beach | Bridal/Elegant Expos

Event Cards

The RECIPE EVENT CARDS are fantastic to place into frames and display on your event table (scroll to bottom of page to see ALL TEN of the recipe event cards).


These cards are designed to print as a true 4″ x 6″ size. They are high-quality and you can use any printing service you like. You may find it less expensive to print them like photos through a photo printing service like Shutterfly, Walgreens, WalMart, SnapFish, etc.

Just a few guidelines for use:

  • Please do not alter our designs (with the exception of those designs, i.e. flyers, brochures, and business cards, that have an area for you to add your contact information)
  • Please do not use as a social media graphic. This is for printing only.
  • Please provide a link back to this page when sharing the banner with others.
  • No one is authorized to sell any of our material in any form.
  • Our designs our made to meet U.S. compliance. We do not design for other countries as we are not well versed with the compliance requirements for other countries. If you select a design to use in another country, it is your responsibility to ensure it meets that countries compliance regulations.
  • Our designs are free for any Young Living member to use, specifically U.S. members, see bullet point above.

We give permission for our materials to be printed through any outlet for your personal use. Please remember NO Young Living Independent Member may profit from any of Young Living’s graphics/trademarks/brands, etc.


Need some frames to enhance your new event cards? Check out these Ikea Tolsby 4×6″ frames that you can order directly from Amazon by clicking HERE.


The below banner is designed for VistaPrint’s 2.5 x 6 foot, vertical, banner (not designed for their retractable banners). We have a tutorial video on all of our other banner posts. Please visit one of those pages if you need this.

PREVIEWONLY-KetoandYoungLiving-v2_2halfx6foot_vertical_bannerClick/Touch here to download the PDF file necessary for printing the above banner

== Grommet Banner Stand ==

Signworld X Banner Stand works with grommets and is supposed to work with Vista Print’s 30” x 72” vertical banner. This is the one that is used by many YL members and is far superior to the one offered via VistaPrint. This is the stand you will want to use with this size banner!

Click/touch this link to order a banner stand, for this banner, directly from Amazon.

Sheet

Not everyone will want to use a sign-in sheet but for those who do, here you go! They are especially nice for meetings and classes.

Please remember below is just a preview. Be sure to download the PDF for high-quality colors, as well as true 8.5 x 11″ print size. The PDF file is below the preview graphic.PREVIEWONLY-Keto-YLEvent-Sign-In-Sheet

Click/Touch HERE to download the event sign-in sheet in PDF format.

Enter to Win Sign

Here is a matching 8.5 x 11″ “Enter to Win” sign for those who like to have a small giveaway item. Having an “enter to win” giveaway often helps you remember to get your potential interested customers/members information. Giveaways are not for everyone but for those who prefer them, we hope you enjoy!

Below is just the preview and is not a high-quality 8.5×11 size, please download the PDF file below this preview.PREVIEWONLY-Keto-Sign-ChanceToWin

Click/touch HERE to download the PDF for this “Enter to Win” sign.

Entry Form and/or Contact Card

Contact Cards and/or Entry Form (the same one can function as both):


Click/Touch HERE to download the PDF for a full page of this card.

Need Cards for your Printer?

The above contact and enter to win cards were designed to be used with the Avery perforated Postcard/Index card size 5.5″ x 4.25″ with 4 cards per page. (Avery 3263, 3380, 5689, 8383, 8387, 8577).

The best value is the 200 card box, Avery 8577, which you can purchase directly from Amazon by clicking/touching HERE.

Member Enrollment Form

We said this was going to be a complete package, didn’t we? So, we could not forget the one page enrollment form! Please be sure you download and provide the agreement information (legal terms/conditions/policies) to go along with the forms. You can download the PDF of the agreement by clicking HERE.

Below is just the preview and not high-quality or true 8.5×11 size. Please download the PDF for this form below the preview graphic.PREVIEWONLY-Keto-YLEvent-Member-Enrollment-Form

Click/Touch HERE to download the enrollment form in PDF format.

PSK Brochure


PSK Brochure Front, click/touch here to download the above in PDF format

2018PSK_Brochure_Back_Interior-PREVIEWONLYDONOTPRINTPSK Brochure Back, click/touch here to download the above in PDF format

Other Material by Request

Below are more event materials that we are providing to those requests we are able to fulfill. Please understand that due to time and/or other restrictions, we may not be able to fulfill all requests.

PREVIEWONLY-Keto-Sign-Become-A-MemberClick/Touch HERE to download the PDF for the above marketing material


Click/Touch here to download the PDF for the above marketing material.

Other Supplies


We highly recommend having 1-2 of these on your table to sell. These meters will let those following a Keto Lifestyle know if they have achieved Ketosis AND will provide a blood glucose level! Dual-Purpose. (15% off can end without notice)



Another awesome product to have on hand to sell is a stainless steel kitchen scale! Here is the one we use in our own test kitchen!


Are you attending an event where electricity outlets are not available? This comes highly recommended from several YL members and other vendor attendees.

Black & Decker PPRH5B Professional Power Station


Click/Touch HERE to order yours directly from Amazon