We would love to put together a banner featuring YL members oily kids! Please READ carefully so you will know EXACTLY what we are seeking.

Below are examples of what we are seeking, please read these carefully and please be aware of what is displayed in the background of the photo:

• A child (5 years or above) holding or taking YL’s KidScents MightyZyme. Please take the picture OUTSIDE so the lighting is good. Do not take the picture in a way that the sun would be shining behind the child and into the camera. Be aware of what will be in the background of the photo — trees, bushes, fields, mountains, etc. are all wonderful. We are looking for “nature” in the background.

• A child (2 years or above) using any of YL’s KidScents essential oils — adding SleepyIze to a diffuser or rolling it onto the bottom of their feet — a diffuser with GeneYus bottle sitting next to it and the child working on homework — a child rolling TummyGize on their tummy — be aware of Owie (no pictures of applying it to any broken skin, please) but sitting down at the playground and rolling it on an arm is fine (as long as we cannot see broken skin in the photo), etc. We have to remember compliance. Rolling in onto an arm or leg at the beach. Something like that is fantastic.

• A child (2 years or above) using YL’s KidScents Bath Gel (obtained), Shampoo, or Lotion. NO NUDES of any kind. You can take in a bath, hair shampooed, as long as all we see are the tops of the shoulder and above. Be very aware of what is showing in the picture. For the bath gel, you would take a pic of the child, after his/her bath, standing next to the bath tub and holding the bottle of bath gel — same with the lotion or as it is being rubbed onto their arm. Clean, discreet, and respectful pictures only, please.

FILLED — • A child (2 years or above) — fully clothed (PJs are fine) — brushing his/her teeth with the KidScents Slique Toothpaste shown somewhere in the photo

We would love to have the submissions sent to us VIA EMAIL (social media outlets will automatically resize the photos and they will be too small and too low quality to use for the project). Be sure if an option pops up that you select “FULL or ACTUAL SIZE” when sending.

Email the pics to: theoilposse at gmail dot com

Please submit photos, no later than, August 5, 2017, midnight MST

By submitting your photo you understand that:

(1) the photo will be used on a public marketing item provided free for all YL members (however, we cannot control who has access to the downloadable material)

(2) we will not mention you or your child’s name — if you tag yourself or others on the post, when and if the piece becomes available — you take responsibility for making the child’s name known (we strongly recommend sharing the link privately to those you know are safe and then point out that your child is on the marketing piece) — we will do everything within our power to keep your child’s identity private, please do the same on your end

(3) any submissions become the property of the Oil Posse team at no charge and we will not use the photo for any other marketing piece without your express written (via email/message) approval

(4) we are not liable for any issues that arise from the marketing piece and you have read and understand our disclaimer — no one who sends a photo will be liable for any issues arising from the marketing piece — our disclaimer covers this — we have to state this as we reside in a “sue happy” era so this covers both of us

(5) we will only consider submissions that reach us by midnight MST, August 5, 2017 — if there are certain products that we have not receive a submission for we will make that announcement and extend the submissions but ONLY for those specific products


Submission Received For (as we receive photos we will show that here, check back often to see what is still required, we will not use the same child for more than one product, we want to give as many proud parent(s) an opportunity to have their child featured, as possible):

KidScents GeneYus

*FILLED — KidScents SleepyIze: received and fulfilled

KidScents SniffleEase

KidScents Owie

*FILLED — KidScents TummyGize: received and fulfilled

*FILLED — KidScents MightyVites: received and fulfilled

KidScents MightyZymes

*FILLED — KidScents Bath Gel: received and fulfilled

KidScents Shampoo

*FILLED — KidScents Lotion: received and fulfilled

*FILLED — KidScents Slique Toothpaste: 6 received to date 26 Jul


*FILLED — no more photos needed for this category/product.