Vendor Event Banner: YL Feel Amazing

A 6 foot x 2 foot banner design for your next vendor event, class, and/or meeting. Features the PSK oil bottles and the saying, “They told me I could be anything I wanted. I wanted to make people feel AMAZING!”

Below is a 6 foot x 2 foot banner design you are welcome to have printed and use for your next vendor event, class, and/or meeting! Share wellness, purpose, and abundance in style!


*Please do not download and use the “preview” graphic above, it will NOT be the correct size for your banner. It was shrunk to fit on this page for you to preview.

Click/touch HERE to download the PNG file graphic for this banner. This is a VERY large file and is better downloaded from a desktop/laptop computer. 


No one is allowed to alter this design or sell for profit. If you share with others, via online, please provide a link back to this page.

Looking for a place to have this printed?

Try printing through Staples and be sure to select to have “grommets” placed within the banner. “Grommets” are the ringed holes you may have seen on some banners that allow you to hang your banner by using rope. If you have a banner stand that can be used vertical or horizontal then that will work for this banner, as well.

You can also have this printed through Impress Graphics Designs with Mary Jimenez. Send her an email at — Mary is a Young Living member, just like you!


Necessary Disclaimer: we are not responsible for printing. Use this design at your own risk. We are only providing the design. How and where you utilize it is your own responsibility and we are not liable for printing of any kind. Thanks so much.



11 thoughts on “Vendor Event Banner: YL Feel Amazing”

  1. Thank you The Oil Posse!!! I LOVE THIS!!! You’ve knocked it out of the park once again! It so resonates with my heart! Is it alright if I use this
    graphic on Facebook, like for my cover photo, not for printing?

    1. Hi Tiffany,

      The file size for this would make it awkward to use as a FB cover but give us a day and we will work to resize and shrink for a FB cover. 🙂 Keep an eye on the blog for that post.

  2. Hi! Been trying to download the file for the banner and it keeps saying the website is crashing 🙁 Any thoughts? Could you maybe email it to me instead?

        1. Two things could have happened (1) your internet connection is either slow or was having issues, or (2) WordPress was having issues. The file is uploaded properly (tested from three computers in different locations and other members have downloaded and used this file). Unfortunately the file is much too large to email. You can try shutting down and unplugging your modem (and router, if you have one), then shutting down your computer, waiting 3 minutes then turn everything back on. If you are DSL, be sure to unplug from the wall, as well. If you are cable, be sure to remove the cable from your modem when you shut it down. If the issue was on the end of WordPress, then just try again as they may have been performing an update or maintenance at that time. Hope this helps.

    1. Sue,

      Go to our main page and you will see a link that says “PSK” right near the top under the heading “Current YL Members” — click that link and you will see all of the material we offer FREE to all YL members, related to the PSK.

      Thanks for writing

  3. Big Question! I would love to see a horizontal banner for AFT Aroma Freedom Technique Have you had any requests for this? Also smaller sizes for table tops.

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