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We put together a quick video to show you (1) why one side of the half-size planner page is upside down, (2) the setting and how to cut the page to fit the junior planner, (3) a few of our planner/journal “toys,” and (4) just because we love the enthusiasm from all of our fans. Thank you for your continued support. We truly enjoy sharing marketing material with all of you, it comes from the heart.

Without further ado, here is the video:

Here is a list of the journal “toys” we talked about in the video:

Paper cutter/trimmer, Swingline Classic Cut Lite, 12″, 10 sheet capacity

Click/Touch here to order the paper cutter directly from Amazon

Laminator, Scotch Laminator, TL902, 8.5″ x 11″ with a pack of 20 laminating pouches

Click/Touch here to order the laminator directly from Amazon

Laminating pouches for 8.5″ x 11″ paper, pack of 100 pouches

Click/Touch here to order the laminating pouches directly from Amazon

Desktop ARC Punch, ARC notebook system desktop punch, 8 sheet capacity (also compatible with the Levenger notebook system)

Click/Touch here to order the ARC desktop punch

Junior Notebook, ARC, Junior notebook system (half-size), this brand is exclusive/made by Staples but is available from Staples through Amazon

Click/Touch here to order the ARC Junior notebook system in red

Click/Touch here to order the ARC Junior notebook system in black


  1. Love this idea…as I was looking into — although the ARC notebooks seem reasonable, the whole punch seems like a big investment – any other ways around that?

    1. Absolutely! The Levenger Circa portable punch is compatible with the ARC notebook system and works just fine. It punches one page at a time, which in most cases is what most people need in the long run and is half the price. Click/Touch here to order directly from Amazon.

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