We get this question quite frequently so thought it would be better to build a blog post about this rather than having to retype the response over and over again. We hope this post helps you with the issue. One question we get — a lot — with the low resolution message is if others have printed our banner and if they had any issues. We’ve seen and heard from literally hundreds of Young Living members who have used our banner design with great success. If you download the proper file on the right equipment you should have zero issues. Here are a few pictures of some of the YL members who have used our design at vendor events!


The Issue

Every now and again we get a message, text, email pleading for help because they uploaded our banner design to VistaPrint but when they go to preview and/or checkout a message appears stating that the image has a low resolution.

The Solutions

Here are few things that can create this low resolution message:

(1) We’ve noticed a glitch with VistaPrint and it occurs as follows: if you go to purchase a banner, upload the file, then leave it to come back to it later, when you return you receive a low resolution message. When this happens remove all of the files/images, etc. and start again when you can go through the process from start to finish.

(2) You inadvertently downloaded the preview image (the file will end with PNG or JPG). Our preview image has been reduced in size and quality for the purpose of previewing the banner design. It is not the correct file for printing. You must have the file that ends with a PDF.

(3) You downloaded the PDF file to your mobile device. Many mobile devices will automatically “tinker” with a large file so that it better “fits” on your mobile device. Our banner files are VERY LARGE and it is always, always better to download the file onto a desktop/laptop computer.

(4) You are on a desktop/laptop computer and you are sure you downloaded the correct PDF file. If this is the case then you may have downloaded during a time when your connection had a “hiccup” (peak times can lower your download strength, when your provider is working on the lines, etc.). Especially if you note that it took a very long time to download. Delete the file and download it again — try late in the evening or early morning.

(5) Sometimes the issue is with your web browser. If you have not cleared your web browsers cache (recently or ever) then you need to do so. If you do not know how to do this please use your favorite search engine and type in “how to clear the cache on XXXX” then type in your web browser. For instance, “how to clear the cache on Google Chrome.” After you’ve cleared your cache, close down your browser completely, then reopen and try again.

(6) Ensure you are selecting the proper banner size and type on VistaPrint. Our designs WILL NOT fit/work properly with VistaPrint’s retractable banners. They require very different size/proportion specifications. We do not design for their retractable banners. You must ensure you are selecting 2.5 foot by 6 foot (this is the size for the majority of our banners, see post to ensure this is correct).

(7) If you know your connection was strong, nothing happened during the download, you definitely have the correct file, you did not download from or onto a mobile device, you’ve cleared your browsers cache, etc. then the issue is with VistaPrint. Sometimes they have a “hiccup” and even if the design is at the appropriate specifications and/or quality (which ours are) VistaPrint will give this message. Try again later.

We hope this will help with your situation. Again, we assure you the banner was designed properly and at the highest quality as specified by VistaPrint.