Vitality in the PSK

Will the Vitality essential oils be in the Premium Starter Kits?

This is a question that continues to come up so we thought we would help answer it and hopefully dispel any rumors flying around.


This question and answer is from the Vitality FAQ document that was in the Vitality announcement email sent to all Young Living members.

Click/touch here to read the entire Vitality FAQ pdf document

The above link comes directly from the 18 Jan 2016 email from Young Living announcing the Vitality essential oils. Scroll toward the bottom of that email and look for the link to the PDF document that is labeled, beside a bullet point, “FAQ” under the “Attachment” heading.

We also checked with Young Living Conduct and Education and Young Living Product Support Department. Below is a screenshot of the response we received (we asked several questions) concerning Vitality in the PSK and other essential oil kits:


As you can see, Evelyn with Young Living Product Support states, “all oils that are in the Vitality kits currently labeled for topical oils will be transitioned to dietary labeled oils over the next couple months.” We confirmed that she meant “all Vitality oils that are in the Young Living kits currently labeled for topical oils will be transitioned to dietary labeled oils over the next couple months” when we wrote back a second time.

Let’s please help dispel rumors that may be spreading. Please understand that our team takes the time to confirm all information before providing marketing material to all of you. Unless Young Living has very recently changed its position on this situation, this is accurate information and was confirmed. It is our hope that if this position had changed that all members would have been notified.

If anything does change, we will, of course, revamp the material provided to you to reflect those changes.

Please remember to confirm all information directly from the source, Young Living, it truly does help dispel rumors and only takes a short amount of time.

Thanks so much to all of our fans and supporters. We give from the heart. Enjoy!

UPDATE 17 Feb 2016: There continued to be conflicting information coming from Young Living so, after involving a few more people, this was the final response that does concur with what we have been sharing with all of you from the beginning:


Thank you for your emails and questions. I have looked further into this and verified with other sources that the answer on the FAQ is in fact the correct answer. It appears there was some misinformation on if this was actually happening or not, but I have verified that yes eventually over the next few months some of the oils in the PSK will be replaced with some of the oils in the Vitality line. This should be information you are free to share and clarify with your downline’s on. I would use the FAQ to send them to answer any questions they may have. I have attached the FAQ to this email for your convenience, and I apologize for any confusion on this matter. 

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Morgan Andrus,
Conduct Educator
Young Living Essential Oils

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